South Africa: Bula Mahlo Home Based Care stand against Gender Based Violence

Date: August 23, 2018
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Since the organisation was established we have managed to build a number of coalitions with a lot of organisations. We work with the CPF in our community to help keep track of abused women and children. We work with SASSA to help those children who do not have access to social grants and food parcel. We work with social workers to provide counselling and assistance to families who need intervention with their social issues. The two closest clinics namely Evelyn Lekganyane . We also work with our two local schools Badimong Primary and Mphetsebe High where every year we hold campaigns to teach children about speaking out against abuse and the dangers of teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS. We also formed a coalition with Capricorn District Municipality, which provide funds for all our campaigns.

Key objectives of this project is to provide integrated services to individuals and families affected and infected by HIV & AIDS Provide social crime prevention and intervention services. To provide prevention, care and support services to people with disabilities. To provide appropriate interventions for substance abuse prevention, treatment and rehabilitation Reduce the incidence of poverty through sustainable live hood.  Help to provide protection care, support to older people.

Furthermore, to help orphans with referrals to department of social development and department of health. To cater for the orphans and supply the child headed families with food. To lease with the department and care for the children affected by the diseases. To remove children from the streets. To access the needs of the children and chronically ill patients.

All the activities that are performed at the campaigns and at the centre are those that are best of both (youth and adults) and all groups and individuals are accommodated in every activity that has been offered by the centre. These are some of the activities that are rendered at the centre and at the campaigns /event:

  • Drama
  • Poetry
  • Music
  • Pantsula
  • Traditional dance
  • Ultimate dance
  • Modern dance
  • Frisbee
  • Sports activities.

The project has benefited about 2 407 women. The project reaches 809 indirect beneficiaries.

Creating a sense of fulfilment requires a good fit between the working people and the work for which they are employed. Furthermore, work performance is the backbone of organizational performance and we can only hope for superior work performance in our organization if we engage people who are capable of working superiorly and if we create an environment that facilitates that. We might however create the most appropriate work

environment through things like work and organizational design but if we don’t select and appoint for the right people, the organization is very likely to perform sub-optimally.

Sub-optimal performance cannot lead to sustainable competitive advantage and hence organizations can go astray-posing risks related to continued existence. We must therefore make sure that we get the right talented people to work for and with us, or else we might seriously jeopardize our changes of being successful and helping to create a better life for all. There is a need to focus on prevention strategies that seek to address the root causes of violence in both the public and private domains.

Women who experience violence are prone to physical injury, poor mental health and increased risk of HIV and STIs and this ultimately result in death or disability. There are relatively few mentions of violence by government in public discourse. Furthermore the speeches imply that government does not sufficiently understand the problems associated with violence Alcohol and drug abuse is rampant in the province of violence this revise the current Legal drinking age and to introduce a minimum liquor purchasing age.

The experience of childhood abuse influences the perpetration of violence similarly childhood neglect and sexual abuse increase the risk of men perpetrating non-partner violence There are few shelters that offer support to survivors of violence.

Women in general must be at the forefront of our local authorities to mobilise and stabilize the situation in regard to GBV and maintain a proper standing in local government through the correct infrastructure. We as Women we must break the silence, speak out. Ensure that laws on Gender Based Violence provide for the comprehensive testing, treatment and care of survivors of sexual assault.

To focus on prevention strategies that seek to address the roots causes of violence in both the public and private domains In our organization we have support groups that encourage the women about sexual abuse We referred those women for a second opinion (to the social workers).

My name is Paulina Mantabane, I live in Mentz Badimong. I had an abusive relationship. My husband used to beat me and sexually harass me every day and he didn’t care if the kids were watching. My seven kids have suffered as a result of his acts. Six of my kids had to run away. Bula Mahlo Home Based Care has opened my eyes when they made home visits and taught be about GBV and how I can survive. The centre gave me hope for a better life and today my life has changed for the best.

Engaging men in the fight against violence against women has been informed by the philosophy that no man is born violent; rather they learn to become violent through the process of socialization. As such, this underscores the importance of positive socialism were men are taught to be non-violent. Programs addressing masculinities often seek to explore what “makes a man”. The overarching idea is to educate boys from an early age that violence is wrong and that the prevailing definition of masculinity in any society is not the only alternative.

Engaging them at an early is vital in that boys learn that even though they may be physically, different, girls are entitled to the same rights and opportunities as men. Gender roles and expectations in many societies condone male VAW, and grant young and adult men the power to initiate and dictate the terms of sex. This makes it very hard for women and girls to protect themselves from violence. Strategies to address both HIV and VAN must include scaled up efforts to address gender inequalities. To be effective, such strategies must engage men and boys and bring about significant changes in their attitudes and practices towards sex, women, their own health and their role in caring for and supporting necessary changes in community norms that influence VAW-related behaviors of boys and young men.

There is a growing movement of men’s organizations that recognize and support the women’s movement, for the benefit of women, men and all of humanity. However such organizations have been criticized over the years as some feminists ask, “how can a man tell a woman’s story?’ (National organization for Men against Sexism, 2008).

Our aim is to enable all, with the emphasis on women and children, to recognize and exercise their human rights, particularly their social and economic rights, and to create a society which has effective laws and delivery systems Including comprehensive social protection for the most vulnerable. The organization has committed itself to working with other organisations.

To strengthen the role of civil society in upholding the principles of our constitution and reform political, social and economic policies and system so that they better serve the needs of all people living with HIV/AIDS All the work of the organization is conducted so as to uphold and promote the values of the organization The affirmation of women, independence and courage and the need for an active civil.

Consultation with the community will ensure community ownership and buy-in and avoid issues later(for example, community members accusing the organization of discriminating against a certain group of people in the community) And consultation will ensure criteria are relevant and meeting the needs of the most vulnerable members of the community.

Department of health, Local youth clubs, newspaper, radio stations, and communities are involved, and the surrounding communities act and indeed serve as beneficiaries of the project, and they will be treated with honor as they make a very huge impact in the success of the organization, and thereafter they will participate in every activity performed by the project.

We can almost say that it is the working people who make organizations, and society, work! This is the foundation of community development human empowerment and also the reason why organizations exist, because of the needs, wants or desire of society and its people

An organization can be described as people and other resources that are put together in a coordinated way in order to achieve specific outcomes, ends or goals. organizations are thus purposeful societal entities and are generally formally established.

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Shongile says:

Hi I am Shongile Lulamisani Nkuna I did Ancillary health care at school I have a GETC L4 certificate I am a caring person I like helping people young or old I am a God fearing God i need a place where I can at least Volunteer because I am not working so if I can find a place where I can be doing something rather than staying I will be happy

Maria Moshebodi Malatji says:

Violence against women and girl is one of the most widespread violations of human rights it includes physical sexual psychological and economical abuse

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