South Africa: Siphiwe Ramaphuma

Date: June 26, 2019
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My name is Sphiwe Ramaphuma I started the food business in Orange farm extension 8A in 2018 sold bunny chaos (kota) and burgers in my community. I manage to run the business and make fair results since I attended the Sunrise campaign workshop that gave me the tools to achieve the good results. What I have learnt in the workshop is to be good with budget so I can secure the funding.


When we started the business we looked at the number of unemployed women in the community, then we started a potato gardening so we can grow our own potatoes that will boast our business instead of buying from big retailers. With this gardening, we manage to employ female volunteers, which they benefit from it. We chose a strategy that we believe that is a flexible and sustainable business in our community. Our ultimate goal is to eradicate poverty in the community and create more job that will compensate the employees. With the profits, we manage to buy extras so we can give the children in need that we identified in the community.

Key Actions

I believe that this business will grow with the business tools I had from the workshop, and I will manage to expand it and employ more women in the community.


I started this small business by myself and got help from the NGO Let Us Grow along with Gender Links by providing the business workshop.


I have business plans in place that will help me with the strategies of my business.

Learning and Application

With the workshops being that are conducted, I will apply it and it will help me to handle my assets and finances of my business

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