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Date: June 26, 2019
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We Pro-master channel group we just visited different school and dramatizing about HIV and Aids to reduce stigma and to educate the children on abstinence and protection. we get the good feedback from the schools and community as a whole. Head Master of Dendron secondary school known as Mr Matsapalo he visited us and thank for a good Job that we did.


We have realise that we have a problem in our country most of people they still afraid to go to the clinic or hospitals to test HIV, some are still afraid and not getting out of the house to meet people    because of the stigma. So we pro Master we visit those families   and educate them about HIV and AIDS.

Key Actions

Schools visits and dramatize about HIV and Aids and we do Poetry.


Schools, where allowing us to play dramas at their school. Community giving their children Money to contribute and see us playing dramas. Our local municipalities


When we paid transport to schools and play when we arrived there, children are not available. Sometimes children they run to street when we want to take them out of street some parents they do not understand why we take our children.

Immediate results and next steps

We achieved a lot because most of children we took them out of street.  We no longer have high levels of crime and unruly children in our villages because boys spend a lot of time were we practise.

Long term Impact

We want win the soul of lot of children especially for children who do not understand HIV and Aids we want our country to know their status. When we dramatizes and poetry we want” Magoshi” The chiefs in our village to know about it

Learning and Application

Strengthen our partnership with schools, hospital, and community municipality.

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