Matzikama Municipality: Sexual and Reproductive Health-HIV/AIDS

Date: June 26, 2019
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Matzikama Municipality (Gender Office) with GCIS, Depth. Health (Ambulance Service) SAPS, and the local Councillors we have a successfully campaign last year. We have a motorcade from the Sport grounds in town to one of the most high substance abuse area Manguang. We have door-to-door visits to engaged with people.


Provide knowledge and support to the problems the municipality was facing: HIV/AIDS: People not using condoms, Prostitution, Dorcas feeding scheme – not enough finance to feed their patients. Home Base Care – Facing challenges people drink over the weekends not using their medicine. New batches of the ARV`s – patients to formulaic with it. People getting sick – refer to support groups and clinics. Educating on their culture medicine and western medication.

Key Actions

Project Plan – Rise Up To HIV/AIDS- Voices in Unity Strengthen Community. We provides evidence base on reaching and teaching the Youth ,HIV/Aids patients , TB patients and community about the seriousness of the Deceases. Address and minimise the stigma.


Local Municipality with Business chambers, DCAS, Home Base Care Centres, STEB Women, Trans wellness Project ,CBS, local clinic, community members, councillors, NPO`s, NGO`s, DORCAS, HBC, CBS, DCAS, WKOD- Safe schools.


Strategy that was employed was coalition between local government, NPO`s, Community members, SAPS, Depth Health, Business Chambers. We need to strengthen hands to ensure our community and society and ensure a healthy environment free from deceases and GBV


Funds -Budget- to launched projects. Patient neglecters – treatment Stigma, Silence, overcome. Supporting groups and fundraising events as well government allocations to NPO`s

Immediate results and next steps

Establishment of internal and external committees. More interventions to ensure that patients are trained and treatment. Ensure communities is aware of the impact of deceases. Workshops regarding ending GBV and HIV/AIDS and education to communities on entrepreneurship. Support groups and visibility of ward councillors and government officials, DCAS, Depth Health. Address geographic areas in rural townships

Learning and Application

Supporting those who are affected. Monthly awareness sessions, education, implement programs for community, basic service, right to treatment, support for government organisations.



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