Summit 2019: Okavango Sub District Council

Date: April 17, 2020
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The gender champion of the council is Mr Losika Kula and the gender focal person is Ms Beauty Chihiya.

Gender Policy

The council has a gender action plan that incorporates the SADC Gender Protocol and Agenda 2030.The council also abides by the National Policy on Gender and Development (NPGAD).


The council has no female councilors as all 17 councilors are men. Women represent 26.7 of management staff and 46.7 of the overall staff.99.5% of women are in the traditional sector of the council while 0.5% is in the non-traditional sector. Women and youth are represented in the management meetings by the four women in management.

Workplace Policy and Practice

Job vacancies in the council are open for anyone to apply without the prejudice. There is strict adherence to all legislation addressing issues such as sexual harassment, child protection and domestic violence.

Local Economic Empowerment

The council’s LED projects across the district include, the Tobera bakery project, the Chukumuchu brick moulding project, the Shakawe candle making project, the Kapututura vegetable garden, the Miss RADP beauty pageant and market stalls that are available to entrepreneurs in the community.

Climate Change and Sustainable Development

The council’s activities in mitigating climate change include waste collection projects like the collect a can initiative. The council has conducted public education activities to encourage afforestation. It currently outsources waste collection services to members of the community and also gains labour through Ipelegeng workers, whom they pay.

Infrastructure and Social Development

The council’s environmental health committee recently commenced a Household sanitation survey to identify home with and without proper sanitary convenience and provide public health education on issues of water and sanitation. The said department also conducts a water sampling exercise every fort night to ensure compliance with portable water standards. The council supports PWDs through funding NGOs such like Sekgele and Mwantumaya.The council also ensures that PWDs are placed in appropriate schools and when required the council attends to their health needs.

Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV/ AIDS

The Council works closely with NGOs such as BOCAIP and relevant government departments such as DHMT, District AIDS Coordinator to address SRHR issues. The district has 8 mother clinics and 2 Primary hospitals and 8 Health posts where contraceptives are encouraged and PMTC program is available for HIV positive mothers. ARVs are issued out to all those who test positive and all the services offered at the health facilities are available to everyone, including PWDs.

Ending Violence

In its efforts towards ending violence the council has conducted several campaigns to addressing GBV as a theme. It currently partakes in the Sunrise campaign and offers free counselling sessions to survivors of GBV.As measure against violence the council has erected and maintains street lights in the various villages within its locality.

Gender Management System

The council has an active Gender committee comprising of a gender focal person, gender champion and a chairperson. The committee meets every month and reports to sub council management committee.

Resource Allocation

There is no budget for gender agenda.


The two major challenges faced by committee is the lacking representation of women in the political wing and the lacking gender specific budget. There is also the challenge of insufficient time to work on committee activities due to competing core duties that the committee members have to do. The vast terrain of the Okavango region is also a challenge for the committee as it makes it difficult for the council to provide services and hold Kgotla meetings to all the areas in the region, especially given the limited resources.

Lessons Learned and Innovation

The committee believes that commitment and dedication is required to actualize the COE mandate. They intend to create a Facebook page and WhatsApp group in which will act as a platform for sharing thoughts and experiences with the rest of the society.

Sustainability and Replication

The gender committee intends to sustain it’s efforts by training peer eeducators in strategic areas, who will conduct community conversation and help the communities to implement various initiatives.

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