Summit 2019:Bobirwa Sub District

Date: April 17, 2020
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The council’s gender champion is Ms Senwamadi and the gender focal person is Ms Vivian Lubinda.

Gender Policy

The council has no gender policy but has a newly drafted gender action plan that has not yet been approved by council management.


There are 19 councillors in the sub district council and women make up only 15.7%. Women also make up 53.9% of the council management and 45.3% of the overall staff. Some of the leadership positions occupied by women are Senior Council Secretary, Assistant Senior Secretary. 50% of the HODs in the council are women. In the VDCs, women make up 69% of the membership and 46% of the chairmanship of various VDCs. Youth make 19% of the VDCs leadership.

Workplace Policy and Practice

The council keeps dis-aggregated data on the number of employees by gender.

Local Economic Development

The council has funded 225 beneficiaries under the poverty eradication program. The council has also funded 14 other local empowerment projects, which include, 2 basketry weaving groups, a leather ternary group, a crafts business, a beauty parlour and 2 bakeries. The council also hosts mini shows and cluster fairs to expose beneficiaries to potential customers.

Climate Change and Sustainable Development

In 2018 the council held a clean up campaign in Tobane village.

Infrastructure and Social Development

The council provides infrastructure and housing to its employees.61 men and 63 women who are council employees have been allocated staff housing. The community is often consulted on the development of new community projects. The council has awarded 13 houses under the destitute housing program and 19 houses under RADP. There is only 1 PWD who has been awarded housing.

Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV & AIDS

Late year the council’s wellness committee held an AIDS Day commemoration and dialogue. They also held a candle light day of prayer for AIDS victims.

Ending Violence

The committee empowers women and survivors of GBV through training and funding from local empowerment schemes within the council. Council has erected streets lights in areas in Bobonong and Mmadinare so that women and children feel safe when walking in the streets

Gender Management System

The council has a two-week-old gender committee, which has only 4 active members who are inclusive of a gender champion and gender focal person.

Resource Allocation

No resources have been allocated for the gender agenda.


One of the committee’s major challenges is that committee members have insufficient time to work on committee activities due to competing core duties that they have.

Lessons Learned and Innovation

The newly formed committee believes that it requires training and guidance from gender links on how to go about gender mainstreaming in the council.

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