Summit 2019:Tsabong Sub District Council

Date: April 17, 2020
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The council’s gender champion is Mrs. M. O. Moribame and the gender focal person is Ashley Moyo.

Gender Policy

The council has a gender action plan that incorporates the SADC Gender Protocol and the country’s Vision 2036.The action plan is known at management level and has a high-profile champion within the council who is the assistant council secretary – Mrs Moribame.


There are 1 council woman and 12 council men in the council. Women represent 36% of the council management and 46% of the overall staff. The Council is led by a female council secretary and the Assistant Council Secretary and Chief Finance & Development Officer are also women.

Workplace Policy and Practice

Council’s gender committee is still at infancy stage but every Wednesday morning after prayers discussions on gender related issues are initiated amongst employees. Topics discussed thus far include GBV in the work place, inclusion and respect of women in leadership, balance in employment personnel, sexual reproductive health rights.

Local Economic Development

The council does not have any market stalls in place yet but it is currently building 5 stalls at Heriford village. The council also does not have entrepreneurship finance schemes that benefit women, men, PWDs or youth but where tender or job opportunities arise and the entrepreneur has no funding, council accepts arrangement of cessions and direct payment of suppliers. In the past financial year 38% of the council budget was spent on vulnerable groups (youth and women). The council’s poverty eradication program has funded 129 females on various businesses including catering, hairdressing & bakery and has by contrast only funded 37 males.

Climate Change and Sustainable Development

The council has outsourced waste collection services to 6 females and 15 males who use donkey carts to collect waste. The council also engages Ipelegeng beneficiaries for litter picking within the community.

Infrastructure and Social Development

53 houses have been built by the council for destitute persons, to uplift the livelihoods. 39 of the beneficiaries were female and 13 were male.

Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS

For its efforts towards SRHR promotion and HIV/AIDS awareness, the council promoting menstrual hygiene in women and girls and makes sure that facilities have water and she-bins.

Ending Violence

The council has ensured that there are streetlights in the Tsabong District So that women and girls can walk along the streets without fear. The council often participates in the 16 Days of Activism against GBV campaign and it held a walk against GBV.

Communications, Campaigns and Visibility

The council is still at its inception in gender mainstreaming but has so far been working hard to include the public relations office for publicity and to engage different stakeholders around the district to collaborate in the mainstreaming process.

Gender Management System

The council has a gender committee made up of 5 individuals, one of whom is the gender focal person.

Resource Allocation

There are currently no resources allocated for gender mainstreaming purposes.


There is also lacking commitment towards gender mainstreaming by members of the gender committee. Majority of the community is still ignorant about issues relating to gender equality and most believe “gender mainstreaming” is a woman’s thing.

Lessons Learned and Innovation

Driving gender issues is an activity that cannot be forced on someone but works best through voluntarism, hence it is important to encourage those with the passion for gender issues to actively participate and continue to sensitize and educate others.

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