Swaziland-eZulwini Town Council

Date: August 28, 2018
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Swaziland-eZulwini Town Council (Hhohho region) 

Tibuyile Dlamini-Gender Focal Person 

Ezulwini (heaven) is one of the best kept valleys within the jurisdiction of Ezulwini municipality in the Hhohho region of the Kingdom of eSwatini. Ezulwini was declared a town in 1995 as the increased number of residents and businesses located within the town. Ezulwini has an estimated 540 homesteads housing approximately 1500 people. 

Ezulwini thrives on tourism as its boosts of being the tourism hub of eSwatini. There is a wide range of businesses that support the tourism industry starting from backpackers, B&B, self-catering facilities, guest houses to 5-star hotels, Royal Swazi Convention Centre Lugogo Sun and Happy Valley to name a few. It has been always known to be the drive through town as the old Mbabane Manzini road ran through the town. With the construction of the MR3 (Mbabane-Manzini) highway many thought the town would be forgotten but with the current economical, political development it has become eSwatini’s town of choice with the development in business and entertainment. 

The heaven valley town council has a draft gender policy and there is no equal representation of men and women councilors within the council. Currently there are 5 males and 3 women in the council. The mayor is the political head of the council and fortunately it’s a female (Bongile Mbingo) while her deputy is male. Ezulwini town council has two committees and one of them is chaired by a female. There is also equal participation of women, men, youth and PWD at public meetings and events. Between 26-50% of women participate in public participation. These meeting include: Budget Consultation Meetings, youth dialogues and sports tournaments. 


The municipality has broken some of the stereotypical dictating inequality in recruitment since they recognize that both males and females are to be given equal opportunities. Out of the total workforce 32 are male and 14 are female and out of the 10 people in management 6 are female and the rest are males.  There is a workplace sexual harassment policy in place and a provision for a paid 3 months maternity leave plus 1-month paternity leave.  Although the council has no flexi time for employees but the council do provide 5 days for family responsibility. There are also paved ways designed for people living with disabilities to move around. 


Ezulwini council allocate a substantial budget to gender related projects, the amounts have stayed constant from 2016-2017. 


Category  Budget 2016 in US$  Budget 2017 in US$ 
Resources allocated to promoting gender equality in decision-making and public preparation.  35986  44480 
Resources allocated in promoting gender equality/family friendly/ youth and disability friendly policies and practices.  27671  23764 
Resources allocated to gender responsive local economic development.  7360  9250 
 Resources allocated to promoting gender/youth/PWD responsive projects on climate change.  42265  42265 


The Council recognizes and supports care work, for example those providing care for people living with HIV and AIDS; the elderly; terminally ill; edu-care and child care and encourages men to share the burden of care. Ezulwini Municipality allocates R22 000.00 annually to Gucula Simo project for care workers where the women buy and sell eggs and other meat products to benefit from the profits made. The Council also procured a soap moulder for the care workers’ soap making project. The volunteers also produce petroleum jelly. The caregivers have been trained to make petroleum jelly and also in Business Management for HIV/AIDs Projects also known as BIZAIDS. They are also supported with transport for their project for monthly stocking. The Municipality appreciates the care givers annually in an event where they meet to celebrate their achievements at the end of the year. 


Women, PWD, and youth are equally involved in projects that contribute to positive climate change management such as waste management, sustainable energy and recycling and benefit from economic opportunities arising from this. There are two recycling stations within the council established to help separate waste. Local recyclers are given access to collect the separated materials. There are two men and two females employed in the climate change projects. 



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