Swaziland-Pigg’s Peak Town Council

Date: August 28, 2018
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Swaziland-Piggs Peak Town Council 

Dumsile Gamedze-Mkhonta-gender Focal person 

Thembi Ngcamphalala-Gender Champion 

Pigg’s Peak is a developing town, located in the north West of eSwatini, approximately 70 kilometers north-east of the capital city of Mbabane. The town is also located 40km from Matsamo boarder (the gateway to Mpumalanga province in South Africa) with aerial extent of 856.6 hectares, 287 of which is afforested by Peak Timbers.  

The town was once an asbestos and gold mining center, as the nearby Forbes Reef ghost town reveals with the remains of an early gold-rush complete with workings, cemetery and hotel. The town’s economy is mainly supported by the forestry (timber) industry and testament to this two timber companies are operating there namely; Peak Timbers and Swaziland Plantation. The town has a population of about 4637 residents (2007, Swaziland national population census) and it service around 10 000 people around month end. 

The construction of the Maguga Dam a century ago also changed the face of Pigg’s Peak in the sense that the housing sector was hugely improved through the establishment of the Glen Township. Both retail and timber account for 90% of the employment in Pigg’s peak. Currently business activities in the town range from small to medium -scale retail outlets, such as supermarkets, furniture shops, clothing outlets etc. Pigg’s Peak finds itself midway between various prominent tourism nodes/ attractions such as Hawane, Malolotja Lodge, Maguga dam and Lodge, Matsamo cultural village, Pigg’s Peak hotel & casino and Phophonyane falls Lodge. 

Pigg’s peak town board has no gender policy in place but has an action plan updated Post 2015 SADC protocol inline with the SDG’s. there are 6 male councilors and only 2 females. The current mayor is male replacing the previous female,  while the deputy mayor is also male. The town has 2 committees and none of them is chaired by a female. The council does not have youth member or people living with disabilities. Between 51-75% of women participate in public consultation which include annual general meetings, community base planning meeting and budget meetings. Young people, people living with disabilities and community members participate in community-based planning projects and meetings. 

Of the total workforce the council employs 31 men, 14 women and none from the people living with disabilities. Within management there is equal number of women and men, four women and four men. There is also three women in non-traditional areas of decision making such as finance, engineering works, etc. all management is involved for finance, works and engineering from the evaluating of tenders, monitoring of the big tenders and upgrading infrastructure. 

There is provision for a paid maternity leave for three months and none for paternity leave. There is a sexual harassment policy that is enforced. All cases are reported to the Human Resources office and investigations are done then referred to the relevant office. The council has no disability- friendly toilets or ramps to facilitate accessibility for people living with disabilities. 

Category  2016 Budget in US$  2017 Budget in US$ 
Resources allocated to promoting gender equality in decision making and public participation.  6700  6700 
Resources allocated to promoting gender equality/family friendly/youth and disability friendly policies and practices.  9000  9000 
Resources allocated to gender responsive local economic development.  1666  13333 
Resources allocated to promoting gender/ youth/PWD responsive projects on climate change.   0  0 


The council has built 62 fruit stalls which are occupied by females (10 youth and 2 disabled people) and 44 clothing stall which all occupied by 43 females and only one male. There are also 8 food stalls which are all occupied by female of which 3 of those is youth. They have an ongoing program on sensitizing the community on local economic development and volunteers were trained on making soap, jik and Vaseline. All council tenders are advertised using SPPRA guidelines and the financial account policy. 

Pigg’s Peak council provide care work in all the wards through the help of community volunteers who do door to door visits. There are 40 care workers in all and 9 of them are males. The council also have 1 government hospital, 3 clinics and a mobile clinic in partnership with Lihanandza Clinic and the public health unit. Pigg’s peak town has also the emergency unit housed under the civic center. There is an allocation of about E20 000 for volunteer’s day celebration, funeral cover and income generating projects. Capacity building is done yearly and there is an allocated budget for it. There is no existence of a policy on climate change, the town has an environmental plan and waste management plan.  




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