Date: June 4, 2015
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I wrote an in-depth feature on the emergence of teenage prostitution in Zimbabwe, an illegal and foreign practice. The story highlights the plight of female teenagers, the future of Zimbabwe and how their means survival is risky to their health versus the need to deal with factors leading them to teenage prostitution. The article is about the life of teenage prostitutes, how they are treated in Zimbabwe, how they feel about their trade and it exposes malpractices by state parastatals who fail to help these girls. It is an example of good practise as it addresses one of the challenges faced by women in Zimbabwe which is poverty. In this case one may argue that prostitution is a result of a failing economy of Zimbabwe whose implications hinders women ’s attainment of gender equality.

Prostitution is still illegal in Zimbabwe and although other states have legalised the practise as a way of empowering women and promoting their rights, Zimbabwe not only criminalises it but state security arms like police take advantage of the helpless and vulnerable women. Zimbabwe as stated in the Constitution is obligated to ensure these girls have a right to education, food, shelter and a descent means of survival. The country which is a signatory to many conventions on gender like the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development is failing to promote the empowerment of women. The article also highlights the corruption of the State in that police who are quick to arrest prostitutes are also felling the activity. The article also highlights the dangers that await these girls whose fellow age mates are school going. Their continuous engagement in unsafe sex to fend for impoverished families across the country increases their risk to HIV and other deadly diseases. The fact that they are dropping out of school to address poverty is a n indicator that the government does not prioritise women empowerment as education has been identified as one way to empower women.

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