The role of the church Udique Engel & Anene Booysen

Date: May 21, 2014
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The church and local faith communities are part of the woven tapestry of this nation which has a rich history of standing up against injustices. Breaking the silence demonstrates the urgent need for the local and national church in South Africa to unite, work with key stakeholders and take action to end sexual violence (SV) It highlight the three key points: 1 Sexual violence is wide spread across South Africa and has a deeply traumatising and damaging effect on survivors. 2 The church has often failed survivors of sexual violence. Many churches deepen the impact of sexual violence through their silence, stigma and discrimination. Some churches have not done enough to care for the marginalised or to speak out on their behalf. 3 The church is central to community life and has untapped potential to prevent and respond to sexual violence. It can provide care and support, stand alongside survivors seeking justice, and identify and challenge harmful attitudes and beliefs within society that perpetuate sexual violence Of one of the few projects run Gender Violence took its toll in the community, where members of the community take joint custody and brought forward gender violence awareness in order to reduce violence and highlight this brutal behaviour. This brutal act that happened within the community emerged to an action taken by several role players in order to speak out on Gender base violence. It was motivated on what violent action women gone through by their trusting partners and known acquaintances.

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