The Seventh Wonder of the COEs

Date: April 21, 2015
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At the time of joining the centres of excellence: 1. There were serious levels of mistrust for Council officials among residents and stakeholders. 2. There was no gender policy document at VFM. 3. No gender management structure 4. No gender disaggregated information 5. Most GBV cases were not being reported 6. No defined effort to combat GBV or to promote women empowerment 7. Minimum public interest and participation in Council operations Where we are now 1. Victoria Falls Municipality now has a fully functional gender management structure that works closely with the ZRP VFU and other stakeholders to tackle gender issues in the town. 2. Council now has a clear picture of the levels and dynamics of GBV in the town and is taking deliberate steps in tacking the problem guided by the Gender Action Matrix. 3. Residents of Victoria Falls are now more informed about GBV and are no longer hesitant to report GBV cases to the police. 4. Gender policy document has been finalised and awaits adoption by Council. 5. There is improved interest and participation of residents and stakeholders in Council operations.

Download : 19236_vic-fallslocalgvt-coe-institutionalprofile-application.doc

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