Training and Utilization of District and Station Gender Focal Persons

Date: May 22, 2015
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The Botswana Police Service has through its internal Gender Reference Committee embarked in a series of activities aimed at ending gender based violence (GBV). Amongst the activities undertaken the committee has selected the training appointment and utilization of station and District Gender Focal Persons as a best practice. The reason for choosing the project as a best practice is the impact such a move has made both organizationally, nationally and regionally.

In 2010 the BPS embarked on training some of the police officers on Gender Based Violence/Domestic Violence with a view of making them have an understanding of how to respond to and handle GBV issue.

The committee further requested the Commissioner of Police to appoint all the trained officers as Station and District Gender Focal Persons. These officers have over the years proven to be instrumental in supporting the Gender Reference Committee to undertake activities aimed at ending gender based violence. In addition the Gender Reference Committee together with the Trained Gender Focal Persons managed to develop and pilot a GBV data collection tool currently used in collating gender disaggregated data on GBV cases.

Key objectives *
What did the process set out to do? (250 words) *

As an effort of the to mainstream gender and address GBV issues the BPS, a Gender Reference Committee was appointed to execute the following objectives:

1. To ensure mainstreaming of gender issues within the BPS
2. To Facilitate the development and implementation of the BPS gender policy
3. To Facilitate the promotion of gender equality within the police service
4. O build capacity on gender and development within the BPS
5. To develop gender sensitive strategies in the management of gender based violence cases
Key activities *
What were the different steps/ activities in the implementation of the good practise? (300 words)

1. The Gender Reference Committee brainstorming over the establishment of station and District Gender Focal Point Persons to facilitate implementation of Committee activities.
2. Consultation with the Gender Affairs Department (then Women ’s Affairs Department on intention of the committee to train BPS Gender Focal Persons. The Consultative process also included requesting for assistance to undertake the project.
3. Drawing of Budget to meet the cost of the intended training
4. The engagement of private consultant by the Gender Affairs Department to conduct the trainings.
5. Selection of police officers from various police stations to undergo the intended trainings.
6. Request for appointment of 164 the trained police officers as station gender focal ( 2 officers per the 78 police stations) and 15 more as district gender focal point persons. NB. This appointment was made at the request of the Gender Reference Committee.
7. The Gender focal persons commenced their new assignments which included among others submission of GBV-related data to the Gender Reference Committee in November 2010.
8. The Gender Focal Persons are up to date continually working with the Reference Committee in all initiatives

Partnerships and coalition building*
Has the campaign to reduce gender violence promoted partnerships and

Download : 20671_botswana-police-service-gender-reference-committe-main-application-gbvelizabeth-smamapilo.docx

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