Travel Life: Creating a Sustainable Tourism

Date: October 9, 2019
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Travel Life is a project aimed tackle and reverse the effect of climate change along with creating a sustainable tourism pillar in adopting the Travelife international sustainability programme for hotels and accommodations, along of working with members around the world to help improving businesses, while protecting the planet and supporting local people. It is a step by step programme which helps cut cost and improve impacts on the environment, local communities and businesses and empowers entrepreneurs.

The project’s activities include:

  • Evaluate and control the consumption of water, energy, chemicals and other polluting agents
  • Identify and minimize the impact of our activity on the environment
  • Consistently reduce water and scrap
  • Recycle as much waste as possible
  • Ensure that our Family Members are adequately informed about and trained for environment friendly actions
  • Communicate to and involve our guests on actions linked to the protection of environment
  • Declare every year four Green Attitude days
  • Appoint Ambassadors of the environment
  • Commit ourselves, together with all our partners, towards genuine lasting ecological action
  • Work jointly with organizations working on environmental projects

One major impact of the project is related to women’s empowerment. Women have taken up traditional jobs previously reserved for me. The project empowers more women entrepreneurs to sell their products with the company; for example, buying bags, pouches, ‘vacoas’ bags made from Centre Joie de Vivre (an NGO empowering women), Veronique de Gardia, RK creations, Bazar Kreation, Baz Veerapen and so on. All the products are local crafted by women and supported through this project.

For years now, environmental organizations and governmental officials have encouraged society to carpool, ride bikes, conserve electricity, compost, recycle, but it is clearly not enough. This initiative may be a milestone in reversing climate change, and may be one of the most vital steps taken for a better world. This project aimed, that every individual attending takes as their mission the following: Addressing climate change at all fronts; Educating people about the impacts of their daily activities on the Planet; Involving the community at large in fighting climate change; To cater for a better world by engaging people into sustainable actions.

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