Tses Leading the way in service delivery

Date: April 22, 2015
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The Village of Tses is situated 450 km South of Windhoek. Tses is situated in the South of Namibia and are linked to the capital city of Namibia (Windhoek) by the B1 trunk road. The B1 trunk road also link Tses with Regions, Capital Keetmanshoop and further down South with the Namibia/RSA boarder.
Tses Village has an estimated population of ±2500 people. The unemployment rate of Tses is 80%. The main source of income of the residents is out monthly salaries obtained from government institutions and private sector in Tses whilst some residents are tying their income out of small businesses and small scale livestock farming. After independence, lot of farm workers was retrenched by commercial farm owners because of the new acts aiming at equity and balance on income levels to ease the lives of people. This situation has created squatters in Tses which are contributing to the high unemployment rate in the Village. The current situation is negatively contributing to the income of the village management which needs the funds to further develop the Village

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