Waste and Climate Change.Community problems with Community Solutions

Date: May 7, 2014
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Kadoma City Council has had challenges in the areas of waste management. Poorly managed solid or liquid waste is known to cause diseases, poor aesthetics scenes, air pollution and the resultant climate change impact. Waste bodies when burnt under uncontrolled conditions or during decay may produce gases like methane that pollute the air causing global warming and climate change. Waste bodies also produce leachate that may pollute underground water sources rendering them not suitable for use in an environment in which water resources are becoming scarce climate change. As a way of climate change mitigation, and a poverty alleviation- council adptoped the use of community based organisation (CBO) to assist in the management of waste in the town. A total of 6 community based organisations were awarded contracts in various aspects of waste management. Some groups have contracts in street cleaning, solid waste collection, and liquid waste management (sewage and toilet waste). The community based organisaions comprise of 20 (63%) women and 12 (37%) men. This is perceived to be a best practise because it partially fulfils Articles 15 -19 and 20-25 of the SADC gender protocol as well as climate changes that we want to be added as an addedum to the SADC ptotocol. The first set of articles dwells on economic empowerment and the second set makes provision for elimination of all forms of gender based violence. CBO concept is inputting in mitigating climate change as well as improving the household income and livelihoods.

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