Women In Media Management

Date: May 19, 2015
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In most Zimbabwean Media Houses Women have been relegated to the simple tasks of ‘copy and paste ’ journalism such as fashion, personal health and fashion while male journalists have been seen to be more capable of tackling the challenging roles of hard-core journalism such as reporting on politics and crime. In 2001 Radio Dialogue emerged in Bulawayo as the future of alternative media in a society which since independence had been used to a one sided state controlled media landscape. Moreover, that one sided state controlled media had little space for women to take commanding and leading roles both as media practitioners and sources.

One of the main objectives of Radio Dialogue was and still is to open spaces for marginalized members of society to express themselves and participate in community debate through radio. Since its inception, marginalized members of Bulawayo and surrounding communities have found Radio Dialogue as a means through which they can express their concerns, mainly Gender Based Violence, Service Delivery and Health.

Having started off as a largely male dominated institution Radio Dialogue has up to date seen an upsurge in the active participation of women both at community and secretariat level. As journalists cover community news and produce documentaries more women than men are willing to participate and raise issues of concern in their townships such as transparent governance, health and service delivery, gender violence and issues of education and unemployment. This is evident in the daily radio programs produced by radio producer Thandazani Nkomo who speaks to women from around Bulawayo who articulate issues varying from politics to single parenthood.

Radio Dialogue has surely filled the gap left by mainstream media which focuses on the elite and political leaders while shunning the views of the ordinary woman and man on the street.

Presently Radio Dialogue has a female Director who as flanked by three women playing influential managerial roles in the institution. These are the Programs Manager, Finance Manager and the Community Safety Local Expert and Human Resources. A few years ago these positions were held by male figures.

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Gifty Achiaa Bessah Mensah says:

I found the article very useful and will certainly use it as a reference for my MA Media Management Thesis at GIJ

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