Yatsani Radio FM

Yatsani Radio FM

Date: May 5, 2014
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When Yatsani Radio started its operations in 1999 the media house was mainly dominated by male announcers, producers and reporters. At that time there was completely no gender policy or guidelines. Now, Yatsani Radio has a gender policy in place which has since been approved by the board consequently the station is making strives to implement it. In addition there has been change in news coverage for instance both men and women voices are captured This development also apples in the programming as producers are encouraged to interview both men and women. For example in the Governance programme, The Podium when producing a package or report they deliberately ensure they capture voices of both men and women on the equal basis. Furthermore Yatsani Radio has a code of conduct which discourages gender based violence such as sexual harassment at place of work.

Download : 18443_mainapplicationmediacentresofexcellencemwiza-sinyangwe.docx

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