Summit 2018- Bulawayo City Council COE

Date: June 29, 2018
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The City of Bulawayo is one of 2 metropolitan councils in Zimbabwe affectionately known as the City of Kings and Queens, is a leader in local excellence in local governance. The council is committed to excellence in local governance through the provision of quality services to the satisfaction of stakeholders.

The City of Bulawayo council has a gender policy that was reviewed in 2016 so that it is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goal targets. They also have a number of policies that guide their operations vis-à-vis gender and service provision. The council has 27 councillors (19 male councillors and 8 female).

Of the eight committees in The City of Bulawayo, only one is chaired by a woman. Council has a junior council through which young people participate and air their concerns. The junior council is composed of more girls than boys. However, the mayor of the junior council is male.

In Bulawayo young people, people with disabilities and women in the community participate mostly in pre-budget consultative annual budget consultations. Council also conducts a day of the elderly. These meetings are done through the Gender Budgeting Action Committee which has a dedicated budget for such activities. Between 51 and 75 percent of women participate at these consultations and meetings.

Bulawayo City Council has a total workforce of 3152, of whom 27 percent are women. 211 employees account for youths and only 4 employees are disabled. Women constitute only 13 percent of management. Bulawayo City Council passed a resolution in 2010 to increase women in council by 5% until gender parity is achieved. There are women employed in non-traditional areas such as waterworks superintendents (1), engineers(4), senior engineers(1), quantity surveyor(1), electricians(1), Doctor(1) ,ICT-Programmers, Systems analysts (3).

Zimbabwe by law prescribes a paid maternity leave of 3 months thus Bulawayo provisions for it. The council further offers flexitime to lactating female employees who are given breastfeeding hour when they return from maternity leave, this facility is available until the baby turns six months as per legal provisions.

The Council has a code of conduct through which sexual harassment cases are dealt with.

Bulawayo City Council has a disability Policy which provisions for accessible infrastructure to People with Disability to include public buildings, schools, clinics/hospitals and open spaces. The policy also states that roads, parking spaces or buildings directional signs shall be clear and user friendly to persons with disabilities in their diversity.

Harare City Council allocates a substantial budget to gender-related projects, these amounts have increased from 2016 to 2017.

Category Budget 2016 Budget 2017
Resources allocated to gender policy process and action planning $25 000 $35 000
Resources allocated to promoting gender equality in decision-making and public participation $15 000 $20 000
Resources allocated to promoting gender equality/family friendly/ youth and disability friendly policies and practices $10 000 $17 000
Resources allocated to gender-responsive local economic development $565 000 $770 000
Resources allocated to promoting gender/youth/PWD responsive projects on climate change $5 000 000 $5 000 000
Resources allocated to promoting gender/ youth and disability friendly infrastructure and social development policies and practices $24 000 $60 000
Resources allocated to promoting gender/ youth and disability friendly SRHR, HIV and AIDS programmes $50 000 $70 000
Resources allocated to ending gender violence $25 000 $55 000
Resources allocated to visibility for the Council’s Gender Action Plan $10 000 $10 000
Resources allocated to Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for the Council’s Gender Action Plan $10 000 $10 000

Bulawayo City Council is part of the Sunrise Campaign. To support this programme the council runs skills training centers to mitigate and empower survivors of gender based violence. Some of these women have been trained in basket making, mushroom growing, handcraft, dressmaking and catering.

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