Summit 2016 – Manyame Rural District Council COE

Date: July 4, 2018
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The Manyame Rural District Council is in the Mashonaland East Province of Zimbabwe.

The council has put together various strategies in dealing with gender-based violence and policies to guide its work. The council uses the National Gender Policy including a Gender Action Plan aligned to SDGs which was reviewed on 14 September 2016, and is yet to be adopted by Council. All stakeholders participated in the formation of this framework. The council still has to work to improve the proportion of female councilors from 14 percent in comparison to male councilors.

The council has 7 committees of which are deputy chaired by a female. The council does have a junior council (Manyame Rural District Junior Council) however there are more young men than young women. The chairperson is a young man.

Young people, people with disabilities and community members participate in community-based projects and meetings including budget consultation meetings, establishment of schools and clinics, ward meetings and stakeholder meetings. Between 51 and 75 percent, women participate in public consultations.

Of the workforce of 65 employees, the council hires 14 women and 51 men, a total of 21 percent women make up the workforce. Women make up 40 percent of the council’s management. An example of women in non-traditional areas of decision-making can be seen through the position of executive officer of finance for the council. The council has amended the recruitment, selection and promotion policies to increase the proportion of women in the workforce. During the recruitment process, there is a need for gender balance and when female candidates apply with requisite skills and qualifications, they are shortlisted and invited to interviews.

The working conditions and environment within the council include acknowledging paid maternity leave of three months. The council has a sexual harassment policy in place where cases of harassment are reported and handled through the Code of Conduct, Labour Act Chapter 28:01 and Personnel Policies and Procedures manual to deal with sexual harassment cases. Disability-friendly toilets are available at the council as well as ramps to facilitate accessibility for people with disabilities.

Manyame RDC allocates a substantial budget to gender-related projects, these amounts have increased from 2015 -2016.

Category Budget 2015 Budget 2016
Resources allocated to promoting gender equality in decision-making and public participation $93 500 $93 500
Resources allocated to promoting gender equality/family friendly/ youth and disability friendly policies and practices $100 $100
Resources allocated to gender-responsive local economic development $140 $2 000
Resources allocated to promoting gender/youth/PWD responsive projects on climate change $50 $50

As part of the local economic development plan, the council managed to rehabilitate Guzha market, Dema market and also started to construct Alicedale market. 65 percent of the stands are allocated to women, 25 percent men and 10 percent to other special populations. In addition, Council writes recommendation letters to some of the Non-governmental organisations in the district which assist the local entrepreneurs. Women in Manyame are continuously enlightened through various projects on how to start businesses and also how to save money.

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