Zimbabwe – Masvingo Rural District Council

Date: August 31, 2018
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Masvingo Rural District Council is home to the National heritage site. In the same vein they share the jurisdiction with Masvingo City Council which is also a Centre of Excellence. The council area is well renowned for its strong cultural beliefs and background. It has been thoroughly engaged in the COE and making headway in their progression to becoming a true COE.

The gender policy for this council is being drafted. The council has a total number of 35 councillors. There are 32 male councillors and only three female councillors. The Deputy Mayor of this council is a woman.

The council has six committees. In between those committees, none is being chaired by a woman. There are many boys than girls in this council, and the Junior Council is a man.

During consultative meetings is when the council gives podium to women, people with disabilities, youth and other community members to participate. Between 0 and 25% women participate in the public consultations.

The council has employed 22 women. Out of the 13 people in the management, four of those are women. Human Resources and Administration positions within the council are chaired by females. Initially council had men only in management but the situation changed for the past five years. There are three women in middle management and one female in top management. The security section was male dominated bit currently the council has six females and eight males.

The council provides and pays for maternity leave for the period of three months. There is also a policy against sexual harassment, in which the council deals with through the council’s code of conduct. The council also has toilets and ramps that are friendly to people using wheelchairs.

This council has allocated budget to support gender related projects from 2015 and 2016.

Category Budget 2015 Budget 2016
Resources allocated to promoting gender equality/family friendly/ youth and disability friendly policies and practices $1000 $1500
Resources allocated to promoting gender/youth/PWD responsive projects on climate change $5000 $5000

In relation to the economic development plan, 90% of the market stalls is allocated to women since males are not very much interested in that line of business. About 5% of the empowerment funds go to women due to economic problems.

Women, men, PWD, and youth are involved in the planning, management and maintenance of water and sanitation. There are 150 women in Water and Sanitation committees and 30 of those committees are chaired women.



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