Zimbabwe – Municipality of Chinhoyi’s 50/50 Campaign

Date: July 27, 2018
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The need for gender equality has always been visible, therefore people were imparted with knowledge on 50/50 gender equality. The campaign wants to involve more women in decision making positions and the idea is to achieve 50/50 by 2030.

The project aims to educate and sensitise the community on gender issues. Through all this, they hope to reach as many people as possible and raise men’s consciousness about balancing gender in decision making platforms. It also aims to boost women’s confidence to participate in public consultations and capacitate them with life skills. The success of this project could enhance gender equality and fight against gender stereotypes that limit women.

Women are lagging behind in leadership and decision making positions. Culturally women were not involved in decision making, and are viewed as minors.  All posts in decision making position are occupied by men and all participants directly, and urban councillors are men.

The project has reached 80 participants directly, and 276 indirect beneficiaries. The Zimbabwean Government allocated $1200 to support this project. Gender Links contributed financial resources and information, while the Council contributed human resources, venue, coordination and refreshments.

Men are now involving women in decision making, planning and implementing projects at home. Men are becoming whistle blowers in wards, for instance in cases of gender-based violence. Men now assist their wives with household chores. Men are now allowing their wives to attend public meetings and women can be elected in decision making positions without any opposition from men.

The project should continue campaigning for gender equality and lobbying for policies that will fight against GBV within the community. It could be a positive thing seeing more men engaging in the project, working hand in hand with women to advocate for gender equality and fairness.

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