Summit 2016 – Mvurwi Town Council COE

Date: July 12, 2018
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The Mvurwi Town Council is in the Mashonaland Central province of Zimbabwe

The council has crafted a number of gender-related policies to guide its work. Currently, there are 3 councillors and 1 who is a female councillo

Mvurwi town council ward meeting 2016

r. The council has committees with one chaired by a woman as well as Mvurwi Junior Town Council which enhances youth local governance participation.

Junior council is consulted on council budgets. People with disabilities (PWD) and women participate in community-based planning projects and meetings. Between 51 and 75, women participate in the consultations. These include water and sanitation meetings and general consultation meetings.

Of the total workforce, the council employs twelve women, and nineteen youth. There are two women in managerial positions in the council of the 5 managers. The town secretary, as well as the housing and community services officer, are women.

Mvurwi Town Council sometime early this year, drafted a Gender Policy which was resolved by Council and is now operational. The formation of Health & Hygiene Clubs by Council was made in such a way that equal representation for both man and women was achieved. It is, however, important to note that most community-based activities are heavily participated by women though Council is in the drive to encourage men participation.

There are provisions for 3 months paid maternity leave but none for paternity leave. The council does not have a sexual harassment policy. Cases of sexual harassment are dealt with through the code of conduct. If someone is harassed it is advised to report to the immediate supervisor if he/she is not the one involved or else report to the next supervisor.

The following budget is allocated by the council for gender-related issues:

Category Budget 2015 Budget 2016
Resources allocated to promoting gender equality in decision-making and public participation $1800 $4000
Resources allocated to promoting gender equality/family friendly/ youth and disability friendly policies and practices $300 $4000
Resources allocated to gender-responsive local economic development $176 087 $353 400
Resources allocated to promoting gender/youth/PWD responsive projects on climate change $10 000 $10 000

As part of the council’s local economic development plan, it has allocated the following percentage of market places to the following groups: 68% allocated to Women, 2% People with disabilities and 30% allocated to Men. There is an informal traders market to which the council has provided for an enabling environment for the informal trader to operate at low cost to be able to generate income i.e. they are exempted from paying licences and paying nominal rent to cover administration costs.

Women, men, PWD and youth are involved in the planning, management and maintenance of the town. There is a total of 16 water and sanitation committees. There are 88 women and 24 on the committees, and 15 of the committees are chaired by women.

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