Zoleka Mabuto

Date: May 25, 2015
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What inspired me to do what I am currently doing is because I was a victim of gender based violence which involved sexual abuse where I was infected with HIV/AIDS as a result I felt the need to inspire others who is or have been through the same experiences I have been through. The practice that I provide is to facilitate and assist with work shop(s) such as Adult Support Group which involves empowering woman by training them life skills such as needle work, gardening and woman who are infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. These services enable infected or affected who are living with HIV/AIDS woman to become independent, where they can generate and distribute their needle work and vegetables to generate income for themselves and their families. Woman who are infected with HIV/AIDS receive the knowledge on how to live and maintain a healthy life style with HIV/AIDS. The outcome of the projects(s) and group work is a community ’s woman who is empowered to take their emotional, physical and psychological health in their own hands. The motivation for me and the organization (Piet Julies) is to teach women the skills and knowledge to empower other women infected or affected by HIV/AIDS within their own community in their unique context. We also have an ITEMBA kids workshop where we have activates with them do maintain health and keep them safe and away from gangsterims in the community. We use recycled goods in our needle workshop, which contribute to a clean and healthy environment in our community. We also took over the Recycle Swop Shop from the Municipality which give the community the opportunity to exchange recycalbles for food, clothes or toiletries, making them more independable and able to provide for them selves. This program focus on the prevention of secondary infections by taking ownership of your community, to recycle and to clean up for an incentive. This link to a unemployment database which is created and whereby the names are sent to the EPWP office and Dept of Labor assisting them with CV ’s etc. OVC program is now supported for the 2nd year by the Municipality which focus on …

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