Ludo Mosojane – Botswana

Ludo Mosojane – Botswana

Date: May 29, 2012
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I am a retired customary court president, and held that position for 14 years. From there, I went to work with YWCA; that’s where I got an understanding of the issue of gender. My work entails coming up with strategies to help individuals close the door to GBV. This includes individual counseling with people who have been affected by GBV. It has turned me into an advocate for victims of GBV. I help people in bad relationships to explore the alternatives that are out there.

Most of our cultural practices are anti-human rights and constitute abuse. I will proudly say that I challenge the status quo till I see change. My introduction to Gender Links came through the national summit, and I am so impressed by the level of organization. I can’t wait to be part of this dynamic world.

My first exposure to Gender Links was at the Botswanan national summit. I have been in contact with the office coordinator, Ntsabane, who has often heaped me with necessary information to do my job effectively.

Ever since I started working on gender issues, I’ve been able to stand up publicly and condemn bad culture practices. I can’t stand quietly aside and pretend that they are all positive. In the time I was a customary court president, I really experienced the cruelty of our culture. THe court showed me the kind of pain that people go through due to mistreatment. Mind you, I have witnessed people committing suicide because culture did not favor them. Others even turned to violence because of this imbalance that our cultural practices have created.

A turning point for me was when I was able to win a case for two young men, who wanted to have custody of their children. I really look back on this achievement as one of the best moments of my life.

I am now driven by the fact that NGOs like Gender Links are reaching out to make a difference. It makes a big impact, knowing that I am not fighting the battle all alone, and knowing that there is a place I can go to for information. I can see the impressive people who have positive things to say about working with Gender Links; now I am confident that I can gain the knowledge and skills I need to enhance what I already have.

In the future, I hope to form a strong partnership with Gender Links to campaign against Gender Based Violence across the country. People should avoid contact with abusers, and both victims and perpetrators should seek counseling, to help them find a way out of their situation.


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