SABC 1: Generations The Legacy 26/11/2018

Date: November 26, 2018
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GEM Classification: Subtle stereotype
Story Channel : SABC 1

Classification: Subtle stereotype

Name of Episode : Generations: The Legacy
(26 November 2018) SABC 1

The episode tackles a number of important issues such as gender roles and issues relating to sexual orientation and gender identity. The episode also reinforces certain stereotypes against women such as the role of women in taking care of children and the home.
An example is that of a character named Sphesihle who is shown as the primary caregiver to her daughter regardless of the fact that the child’s father is around.
She is also portrayed as the person responsible for ensuring that her predominantly male household is fed and guests are comfortable. In one of the scenes, she is shown setting a table for breakfast while the men seemingly rush to do ‘more important things’.
In another episode, she is introduced as ‘the wife of’ a character in the soapie. Through this introduction the character’s professional and personal identity is erased and being someone’s wife becomes her only identifying factor.
Female characters in the episode are continuously shown as caregivers, needy, insecure and indecisive.
The male voice is dominant in conversations and there are more man related scenes than that of women. In most of the scenes, men are ‘discussing men’ more than other issues.

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