Escom youth hold open day on HIV/AIDS, Malawi News

The article reports on how the ESCOM youth have undertaken to refrain from promiscuous behaviour to prevent themselves from contracting HIV.

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Brain drain hits Malawi’s safe motherhood

Most health workers in Malawi, and even across Southern Africa, dream of trekking to the United Kingdom or other far off places, drawn by prospects of good remuneration and working conditions. Yet this outward trek endangers the lives of the thousands of pregnant women left behind.

Culture affecting women in business

Though economic empowerment of women in Africa is a vital path to ensuring health, rights and security for women and their families, many find that starting and progressing in business is not easy. It is not their abilities, or the quality of their business ideas, but cultural stereotypes about their gender that often causes the problems.

Beyond Inequalities 2008, Women in Southern Africa

The Beyond Inequalities series aims to provide accessible information to engender development processes in the southern African region. The series have been updated based on the conviction that information is a strategic resource for socio-economic development. Information can catalyse development, and unless players and stakeholders have access to reliable information on the complexities and nature […]

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