Business Unusual supplement – Seychelles

This supplement was produced by the participants in the Business Unusual training workshop conducted by Gender Links and The Institute for the Advancement of Journalism, with the support of the Netherlands Institute of Southern Africa

January 1, 1970 Themes: Economics | Gender equality | Media Programs: Magazine

Confronting violence

Confronting violence

Security is discrete but tight at the airport in Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles archipelago, to root out drug trafficking. The heavy suitcase I am carrying, packed with documents from Gender Links, is a sure candidate for a thorough screening: last to be disgorged on the conveyor belt and marked by airport staff with big Xs in white chalk.

Microbicide trials (GEM 2008 Award Winner)

These three pieces look at the complex issue of designing an effective cure and prevention models for HIV/AIDS. Of particular focus is the design of microbicide trials. One of the questions the first article asks is, ‘what’s in it for participants?’ The writer shows evidence of having talked to the participants at the trial sites and gotten a sense of why they volunteered.

MPs must raise their voices against gender violence

MPs must raise their voices against gender violence

The brutal murders of three women in the last few months have brought home the need for more proactive laws and for more action from our women politicians.

Time to take the ?embarrassment? out of sexual harassment

Women in workplaces throughout Seychelles continue to hide the shame of being sexually harassed by men.