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Staff Member (s) Naledi Masipa – Programme Associate
When registered 2011
Address 9 Derrick Avenue, Cyrildene, Johannesburg, 2198
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Alliance Focal Network South African women in Dialogue (SAWID)
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Key partners South African women in Dialogue (SAWID)

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Southern Africa Local Government and Gender Summit and Awards: 22 – 24 March 2010

The first Southern Africa Gender Justice and Local Government Summit from 22 – 24 March 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa will show case what is working on the ground in empowering women and closing in on gender violence.. Closing dates for applications for submissions are on or before the 22 February 2010. Interested parties are encouraged to apply or register online at

About the Media Action Plan on HIV & AIDS and Gender

The MAP on HIV/AIDS and Gender is a collaborative effort by the Southern African Editors Forum (SAEF) and NGO partners to improve coverage of HIV/AIDS and gender, as well as mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the media industry.

South Africa MAP policies

South Africa MAP policies

The policy roll out process in South Africa was among the lowest in the countries targeted by MAP. The initial number of media houses targeted in South Africa was 18. However, very little progress was made in getting buy-in from these media.

Polygamy: What’s culture got to do with it?

Recently, many debates have sprouted on polygamy. A few years ago, I stood uncertain of my position on the matter. That was until South African President Jacob Zuma got in front of the world and defended polygamy with culture.

Call me woman – Sunday Times

Call me woman – Sunday Times

Polygamy, promiscuity and progressive leadership

If nothing else, President Jacob Zuma’s belated apology about his out-of-wedlock child with Sonono Khoza following unprecedented outrage at the way he has demeaned the highest office in the land has shown the power of public opinion in a democracy. We have also established once and for all that the personal is political and that leaders must practice what they preach where HIV and AIDS is concerned.

World’s most famous polygamist snubs safe sex

Twenty kids, five weddings (and more to come?) and a whole lot of polygamous loving going on, marital and extra-marital. Some say it is a private matter, but like it or not, just as with any celebrity, Zuma’s sexual behaviour is not private.

A life committed to speaking truth to power…

Gender Links would like to state its unconditional support to Bishop Paul Verryn, in light of the recent disciplinary proceedings instituted against him by the Methodist Church.

January 31, 2010 Themes: Religion Programs: Advocacy | Advocacy | Gender & Media | Gender Justice

Gender and Media Programme Manager

Gender and Media Programme Manager

GENDER AND MEDIA PROGRAMME MANAGER Gender Links, a dynamic Southern African NGO based in Johannesburg that promotes gender equality in and through the media seeks to fill the post of […]

January 21, 2010 Themes: Media Programs: Advocacy | Gender & Media

Farmer Victim testifies “He started kicking me in stomach”- Sowetan

Thembi Ndlovu the women who was allegedly assaulted by racist farmer James Steyn, does not remember whether the second statement she made to the police was read to her or not.