Sara Longwe November 2012 

Country summary:

Board Members Sara Longwe
Staff Members Albert Ngosa
When registered 2011
Alliance Focal Network Women In Law Southern Africa – (WLSA) National Office
Government COEs 44
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Media COEs 6
Key partners Local Government Association of Zambia; Commonwealth Local Government Forum;Ministry of Local Government;Ministry of Gender and Child Development; NGOCC; WLSA (Regional); Zambia National Women’s Lobby Group; Young Women Christian Association YWCA.

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Zambia Strategy 2016 – 2020 

Zambia – Kitwe City Council

Kitwe City council is relatively new to the Centre of Excellence process having been adopted in 2012. Hence not much has been done in terms of mainstreaming gender in the action plan. The gender champion who is a councillor was recently sworn into office and has just recently began focusing on the gender action plan. […]

Zambia – Nyimba Town Council

The Nyimba District is a district of Zambia, located in the Eastern Province. The capital lies at Nyimba. As of the 2010 Zambian Census, the district currently has a population of 99,159 people. The council has drafted the gender work place policy and is awaiting approval. The council has 18 councillors, 16 being male and […]


Kapiri Mposhi District is a district of Zambia, located in Central Province. The capital lies at Kapiri Mposhi. As of the 2010 Zambian Census, the district had a population of 240,638 people. The Gender Policy has made a lot of progress on this front in the sense that some of the decision making positions in […]

Zambia – Lusaka City Council

Lusaka is the capital and largest city of Zambia. It is one of the fastest developing cities in southern Africa. Lusaka is in the southern part of the central plateau at an elevation of about 1,279 metres. Lusaka is the centre of both commerce and government in Zambia and connects to the country’s four main […]


The project’s purpose is to promote girls rights through life skills education and HIV/AIDS prevention, and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) education through community awareness campaigns and capacity building for both in and out of school. It is a good practice as it provides girls with knowledge and skills to empower their capacities […]

July 13, 2018 Themes: Gender equality | Human Rights Programs: Protocol @ work

Zambia – Mongu District Council

Mongu is the capital of Western Province in Zambia and was the capital of the formerly-named province and historic state of Barotseland. It is also the headquarters of Mongu District. The progress that the council has made on this front include developing the Gender Action Plan to guide its work. The council has 24 councillors, but none […]

Zambia – Kabwe Council

Kabwe is located in the central town in the republic of Zambia. The town became a Centre of Excellence in 2010. This council is one of the Centres of Excellence in Zambia promoting the Southern African Development Community (SADC) protocol on gender and development. Kabwe Council has put in place policies and action plans with […]

Zambia – Monze Council

Monze is a small in the Southern Province of Zambia and it is about 180 km south-west of Lusaka. It is the administrative centre of Monze District .Monze District is a district of Zambia, located in Southern Province. The Gender Work Place Policy was recently approved by Council and what it has so far achieved […]

Zambia – Stella Luzuko

“Mainstreaming gender into trade could help solve the problem of gender inequalities.” I have started assessing the effect of economic policies (trade policies in particular) on men and women, boys and girls; identifying gender-based constraints that hinder inclusive development; and help in (whenever I have a chance to) devising strategies and policy measures to overcome […]

July 6, 2018 Themes: Drivers of Change Programs: Protocol @ work

Zambia’s Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights The Bill of Rights of Zambia simplified by the grand coalition of the campaign for a people-driven constitution in Zambia. This booklet is a simplified version of the Bill of Rights as contained in the draft constitution of Zambia. The simplified version was published in 2016.  



Country ManagerAlbert Ngosa
Phone+260 963266323
AddressCivic Centre, 4th Floor, New Wing Building, Independence Avenue, Lusaka