Sara Longwe November 2012 

Country summary:

Board Members Sara Longwe
Staff Members Albert Ngosa
When registered 2011
Alliance Focal Network Women In Law Southern Africa – (WLSA) National Office
Government COEs 44
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Media COEs 6
Key partners Local Government Association of Zambia; Commonwealth Local Government Forum;Ministry of Local Government;Ministry of Gender and Child Development; NGOCC; WLSA (Regional); Zambia National Women’s Lobby Group; Young Women Christian Association YWCA.

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Zambia Strategy 2016 – 2020 

Family planning: Men and women must plan together, National Mirror

Involving men in family planning programmes remains an uphill battle for Neighbourhood Health Committees in Zambia.

British man recovered from HIV, Times of Zambia

The article concerns the apparent cure of a man previously diagnosed with HIV.

You trade more we lighten the load, MTN

The advert is by Standard Chartered Bank and consists of a big white-and-black picture, taking up three quarters of the space, of two men in executive suits wearing hard hats, shaking hands and smiling. It is advertising an international trade account for small and medium-scale entrepreneurs.

Making Every Voice Count: a Southern Africa Case Study

The Gender and Media Baseline Study, conducted in southern Africa in 2003, revealed glaring gender disparities in the media and in its editorial content. With its goal to “promote gender equality in and through the media,À Gender Links (GL) has worked with a broad range of partners to try to redress these gaps through research, […]

January 1, 1970 Themes: Gender equality | Media | Xenophobia Programs: Journal Article

Zambia: Challenge women?s unequal position through the Constitution

The Zambian Constitutional Review Commission?s (CRC) recently released draft Constitution Report is a blow to the country?s efforts towards gender equality. Despite the obvious benefits for women?s empowerment, a recommendation to enshrine gender equality in the Zambian Constitution has been excluded from the report.

Celebrating a new life at 30

I had just finished boarding school and joined my parents in their home while I explored opportunities for college. I started working part-time and began to develop friendships with other girls my age and in similar circumstances.

Even the little I had got taken away

For many years, I raised cattle and sold maize to earn money to take care of myself and children left in my care by my siblings who had died, including a 10-year old blind child. I could not have known that this would end with me in falsely imprisoned for a year and a half, and all that I worked so hard for taken away.

Now, attention shifts to men?s reproductive health, Times of Zambia

The focus of reproductive health shifted to men?s needs and roles in a regional workshop held for women and men.

Educate women on condom use ? Induna, Zambia Daily Mail

The article is about women who refuse to use condoms because of their misconceptions that condoms increase the risk of cervical cancer and STIs.

Fit for King off-peak rates, ZNBC-TV

This ad pictures a roaring lion and a king’s crown with a voice-over in the background saying, “To us our customer is king. Be a king with our off-peak rates; fit for the king.À It advertises mobile phone service call rates. It was sponsored by Cell Z, a wing of the Zambia Telecommunications Company Limited (ZAMTEL).



Country ManagerAlbert Ngosa
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AddressCivic Centre, 4th Floor, New Wing Building, Independence Avenue, Lusaka