Achiever Power ( Casheena mosoang)

Date: June 11, 2016
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Name of article: Achiever Power ( Casheena mosoang)

Name of publication: BAM Media (Achiever Magazine)

Country: Lesotho

Theme: Sports


Brief description of the item of work you submitted and motivation of why it is a good example of gender awareness and sensitivity in advancing gender equality Post-2015.

The article is a story about a women athlete named Casheena Mosoang who works at Vodacom. In the story she shared about her background growing up and how she became one of the best athlete and competing internationally. In the story she talked about her win and losing competing in the marathons and where she got her motivation before she was an established athlete.

The article is good for a gender awareness because it empowers young girls and women who aspire to become athletes that even females can be the world best athletes.most young girls get confused and think his being athletic is a men’s sport whereas it goes 50/50.


Why did you produce the story? What problem or context is it responding to?

I produced the story in empowering young girls and women who wants to make thin possible into achieving their gaols. The context was talking to young girls and women aspirin to part take in marathons. I wanted to make them aware that if Casheena made it they could also make it too. I want girls and women to dominate in marathons and wining. Also in empowering women they should be aware that we living in a new era where it is 50/50 for man and women.

Key objectives

What did you hope to achieve with this coverage?

I wanted to empower young girls and women that everything is possible as long as they work very hard in to achieving their dreams. So many girls and women especially in Lesotho think marathons are meant for boys and men. I wanted them to see there is no such thing. Casheena was the living example of that. She won majority of marathons and travelled the world through marathons and she made it possible because she worked hard and she believed in herself, and she grabbed all possible opportunities.

Target audience

Who did you hope to reach? Did you succeed in reaching this audience? What evidence do you have to that effect?

The magazine I write for is a youth oriented publication. So obviously I targeted at the youth. Specifically I wanted to reach to those children who have very low self-esteem and lack confident on their physical appearance. It is sad for those children who go through such because they end up filling unworthy and ugly end up being lonely or worse commit sue site. I wanted such people including older generation to realise it is never too late to make your dreams come true. Some may think marathons especially of long distances are mainly for man not realising women and girls also can participate and perform just as man could or even do better. Casheena has become a big influence to so many young girls in changing their lifestyles and believing in themselves.

How did you go about researching and writing the story?

How did you gather the data, how many sources, female and male did you consult? Why did you choose these sources and

how were their voices important?

I choose to write the article from an exclusive interview from the horse mouth. Also I researched about him from other sources and publications such as Sunday express, Vodacom Foundation Company where she works. Also interview some of her colic and friends from Vodacom.


What impact did it have? What evidence do you have to illustrate impact?

Please provide any examples of feedback that you received from the articles (from websites, letters, etc.)

The impact the article had to the out was for them not to give up on their dreams. Casheena sated in the story she was the chubby one in the family…until she joined the gym in 2008 where her life transformed. So many people would ask on achiever magazine Facebook page would want the tips on becoming slim and getting flat tummies. Others would want to know the name of the popular gym Casheena went to so they would also join. The article has changed so many youth life styles for the better. So many of achiever readers believe ever thin is possible through hrd work. Casheena proved it with being the best athlete and travelling the world winning as many long distance marathons. She became an inspiration to many young boys and girls who look up to her.

Attach all relevant feedback documentation here:

Casheenamosoang_Keletsonyareli_062015 (3).jpg


Casheenamosoang_Keletsonyareli_062015 (2).jpg

Follow up

How would you conduct a follow up to your story and why?

The next step I would take to conduct a follow up on my story is continue where she shared about her future plans as a runner. she mentioned she wanted to engage riding a bike and swimming. I will find if she ended up being a swimmer and how it all started and how where she learned to swim by whom. The same goes about being a biker as she also mentioned she was into riding kikes. Also find out if she managed to find a sponsor or a bike as she indicated that it was expensive she could not afford it. I will also find out how she learned to swim also on riding a bike. find the challenges she came across and how she overcome d them. Also I will contact the sponsors if she attained any. I will also cover riding and swimming competitions she entered I there will be any. Also I will want to know which neighboring countries and intentional countries she participated to regarding swimming and riding bikes.also i will like to find out about the diet she is currently following to keep fit and healthy.


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