Basotho women to adopt CAADP_Informative newspaper_07-13 April 2015

Basotho women to adopt CAADP_Informative newspaper_07-13 April 2015

Date: April 7, 2015
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Name of article: Basotho women to adopt CAADP

Name of publication: Informative newspaper

County: Lesotho

Date: 07-13 April 2015

Theme: Agriculture

GEM Classification: Gender Awareness

Skills: Language


Lesotho’s Informative newspaper  7-13 April 2015 issue, titled “Basotho women to adopt CAADP.” The story by Majara Molupe focuses on agriculture in Lesotho and the opportunities for small-scale farmers, especially women famers. Molupe’s story highlights the importance of women farmers and the support they need to attain full potential in agriculture. Molupe interviews five sources: different stakeholders ranging from the farmers, the most affected, to the official sources in government and civil society who bring different perspectives.

Non-traditional roles

Gender-aware reporting also encompasses reporting on non-traditional roles held by both men and women. The media usually portrays women using binary oppositions, so presenting and profiling women and men in non-traditional roles can assist in challenging stereotypes and perceived differences between women and men. It also allows the media to reflect women in their diverse lives and the various ways they contribute to society. The media should be on the frontlines when it comes to changing attitudes and presenting non-stereotypical depictions of women and men. The monitoring yielded several gender-aware stories that discussed women in roles previously regarded as the territory of men as well as displaying and highlighting the struggles of women who work in male-dominated industries

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