Fe’Mail_Malawi News_25 April- May 1 2015

Date: April 25, 2015
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Name of article: Fe’ Mail

Name of publication: Malawi News

Country: Malawi

Date: 25 April- May 1 2015

Theme: Tabloids

GEM Classification: Gender Awareness

Genre: Editorial

Skill: Language


Description: The article is an editor’s note about the choices we make as people without making judgment first of what the outcomes will be.

  • The editorial is a Gender Awareness article as the coverage is about both men and women in terms of decision making in their lives.
  • It outlines that whenever we make decision whether in a crisis ignorantly or deliberately the results always affects us.
  •  The effects might come now or in a long run but surely one way or another it is bound to happen.
  • Decision making especially about a matter which might have an outside  stimulus has to be thought through so that the people invoved wont be hurt in the process. Thus paragraph 2 says that whenever u hurt a person, the same thing will happen to you.
  • Paragraph 3 says that ” we tend to pretend that they are knowledgeable about things which we do not even know” the editor is generalizing things by not saying that “most people” instead of including all people.

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