Isaura Nyusi, antes e depois!_Zambeze_ 02 April 2015

Isaura Nyusi, antes e depois!_Zambeze_ 02 April 2015

Date: April 2, 2015
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Name of article/story: Isaura Nyusi, antes e depois!

Name of Publication: Zambeze

Date: 02 April 2015

Country: Mozambique

 Theme: Gender Equality

 Skills: language

Genre: News

GEM classification: Blatant stereotype

The story highlights the following:

As an example of language demeaning to Isaura Nyusi.

  • The article uses phrases has “dar uma sacudidura geral ao seu aspecto facial” by means of pointing the currently facial public appearance of the current first lady of Mozambique.
  • The article uses sarcasm by stating that there is a need for acknowledgement to Isaura Nyusi for her new looks for it is better than her old facial looks either than using words like different by placing two pictures of the current first lady of Mozambique and pointing the before and after in it.
  • The media intrudes on Isaura Nyusi`s life by stating that she’s been taking facial treatments to look younger even thou she’s is a public figure it does not give the media the right to invade in her private actives.
  1. Headlines. Generally, women taking an initiative of making a facial change treatments is based on what her husband has achieved and what power has been delegated to their husband making them dependent of their husband increase in their living earning and becoming a public figure.
  2. Sources. The articles has no sources for they do not look for the opinion of neither both genders. The article was based on the editor’s personal views.
  3. Language.  The article uses words that demeans the female image by making a negative compare between the two images from before and after she had taken possession.
  4. Visual images. The image illustrate the content of the story fairly for it corresponds with what was said in the article yet it demeans the image of women by comparing the first ladies pictures based on before she took possession and after.
  5. Story angle and perspective. The article has missing voices for the editor wrote his own thoughts and did not required nor request any other opinion coming from both genders.
  6. Placement or positioning. There are no value added to the article for no images from other article were placed nearby the article and it was placed at the bottom of page on the newspaper with little information written on the article. The article viewed on the same page of the article carries no similarities whatsoever.

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