Jacqueline Gopaul : L’engagement avec le sourire_La Vie Catholique_16 April 2015

Date: April 16, 2015
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Name of article: Jacqueline Gopaul : L’engagement avec le sourire

Name of publication: La Vie Catholique 

Date: 16 April 2015

Country: Mauritius

Theme: Feminism

GEM Classification: Gender Awareness

Genre: News

Skill: Language

The article depicts the journey of a lady who have been very active in the religious field having more than forty years of experience. The lady is described as a very gentle and always ready to help others in need. The article however does not exaggerate on the caring side of woman as traditional beliefs put it. In fact this one lady is shown as a role model for others who is brave and determined.

The lady depicted is shown in her multi task role as a missionary, a finance person and a book lover. She has been receiving constant support from her late husband and talks about him as someone very thoughtful and gender neutral. The depiction of their couple life is highlighted in such a beauty that they set the example for a gender conscious couple having good communication, collective support and mutual understanding.

This role model has always helped other people in need and associated herself with Caritas organization to serve her society. Without being a leader, a politician or a councilor; the lady has helped in the advancement of her locality in multi ways. She helped both in social work and religious work and she is still contributing to make a better world today.

The article perfectly defines the good traits of the lady and the success stories that she has left behind by bringing smiles to others. She talks about how earlier in time school was not meant for girls and that she was not educated yet this did not stopped her to learn even at an older age. She always had the passion to help others; men and women to make them understand the essence of sharing work and working together for a better world and to live a better life and have a good spiritual life.


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