LNOC uses football as social tool_Informative Newspaper_2-8 April 2015

Date: April 2, 2015
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Name of article: LNOC uses football as social tool

Name of publication: Informative Newspaper

Date: 2-8 April 2015

Country: Lesotho

Theme: Sports

GEM Classification: Gender Awareness

Genre: News

Skill: Language


Description: The article written by Mamohlakola Letuka is a Gender awareness article as it includes both Genders male and female. The article talks about OlympAfrica football foundation, established to provide young Primary School kids with football skills in the field and learning in their daily lives

  • The article outlines that the game is a mixed gender tournament where girls and boys team up to form a pair
  • It also say that the sport also give the kids more interest in schoolwork and they do better each day.
  • The interviewee in the article is a male only even though the sport is for both boys and girls there writer should have also asked a female couch’s view.

The article as a whole brings a positive attitude towards young children in that they are able to spend their time doing sport, which is good for their health and social environment. They use football as a tool through which children can learn values such as teamwork, respect, commitment and tolerance.

Thus, this establishment will create equality for children at a younger age, knowing that there is no exclusion between both genders in terms of sports but only needs skill, talent and dedication within an individual.

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