Men get lion’s share of income_Mail and Guardian_24-29 April 2015

Men get lion’s share of income_Mail and Guardian_24-29 April 2015

Date: April 24, 2015
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Name of the article: Men get lion’s share of income.

Name of publication: Mail Guardian.

Date: 2015 April 24 to 29

Country: South Africa.

Theme: Economic inequality been men and women.

Skills: Objectively skill because there are diagrams and statistic of support of the story. Truthful and fair because women are still being underpaid according status SA.

Genre: Gender inequality in term of wages. It focus in gender wage gap in South Africa.

Gem classification: Gender aware.


1. Headlines: The headlines reflect the essence of the fairly and it is related to the whole story. The story is introduced in a way that it gets the readers to the argument of the

2. Sources: There are no men interviewed and only one men and a woman is quoted in the story.

3. Language: The language used in this story is natural as it states both men and women, and there are need for that because statistics has been used .The story also mention that women and men may be affected differently not by event but by the way they are treated in the workplace. ”Childcare responsibilities, sexual ’harassment and promotion prospects all have an impact on the career choice women make.”

4. Visual images: The drawing images and or diagrams from the statistic used in the story illustrative the comment of the story    fairly.  The illustration are appropriative enough for the story. The overall message about woman and men conveyed by the diagrams or illustrations and statistics information is that there is still a lot that needs to be done in terms of women empowerment in terms of employment and wage.

5. The viewpoints that are head that of women as they are the ones affected and there was a need to know what are the challenges women come areas and end up falling to be paid better. The overall impression of men and women that is given by the story is that there is glass ceiling in the workplace and women are struggling to break it and do better than what they are currently doing

6. Placement or Positioning: The story is on page two of the newspaper. This assumes that the story is more important by its placement because the page is meant for top stories to be read when the newspaper is paged through. There are no items placed next to the story as it filled up the whole page. There is nothing but the story on page two.

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