Date: January 18, 2019
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Name of monitor: Your name Susan Mogari
Name of Television station: Channel where you are getting the scene Mzanzi Magic
Name of programme: Name of News programme The Queen
Date of broadcast: Date when the news item was broadcast 18 January 2019 S3/125
Time: Time of broadcast 21:00-21:30
Genre: Type of programme
Drama series Drama series
Theme: Which topic category is this? List all the topics that relate to this scene GBV, Rape, Relationships
GBV focus explicit or implicit? Please ensure that the examples you chose either explicitly or implicitly concern GBV Explicit
Gem Classification: Gender and Media
Subtle stereotypes Gender Aware
Provide a link: Link to where this scene can be accessed
If no link provide the artefact upload on drobox

Brief description of scene:

Goodness is caught between a stubborn mother and Thabiso, an ex she does not want. Thabiso proposes to Goodness in front of her mother and she refuses. Her mother sides with Thabiso telling him that he shouldn’t give up on her daughter, not taking into consideration that Goodness does not want to continue with the relationship.


Women are usually not taken seriously when asserting themselves and ending relationships especially when the man is rich. It is assumed that she is scared to commit, and she needs a push. The underlying assumption is that, with enough persuasion, Goodness should concede and accept Thabiso’s proposal. This is shown through her mother’s reaction when she blatantly ignores her daughter’s wishes and pushes her to accept the proposal.

As an audience, we are almost made to feel sorry for Thabiso, who puts effort into the proposal and is rejected.

Goodness continues to reject Thabiso, even when he comes to her after he’s been drinking. She repeatedly denies his advances and tells him to leave but he does not listen. Eventually Thabiso rapes Goodness. This scene is classified as Gender Aware as it illustrates that most perpetrators of rape are known to the victim. As Thabiso and Goodness once dated, it challenges the assumption that men are entitled to sex, even when their partners say no. The show’s treatment of the scene also shows awareness of the gender dynamics at play as the actress who plays Goodness spoke to the media about the scene and its intention. The conversation also sparked debate around rape and gender based violence on social media


The Queen explicitly showed a rape that occurred between two characters who were previously in a relationship. This scene is classified as gender aware for its portrayal of rape and for highlighting the fact that in the majority of rape cases, the perpetrator is known to the victim. It is important to show that rape occurs in many different scenarios and is not just something that occurs between strangers, as is often portrayed in the media. It is important to note that one of the female leads in the show used the scene to address issues of gender based violence on social media and showed support for survivors.


Few weeks ago everyone hated Goodness suddenly you feel sorry for her I am not feeling sorry for her Siyanda’s Tears didn’t just fall on the ground for nothing I’m happy😊TT raped goodness💔
WTF? PORN yerrrr! It’s funny how Mr and Mrs Ferguson never kiss anybody on set, but let other kids play porn @9pm. Thanks to this episode now my mom says we will watch muvhango everyday @9pm mxm!

I’m chilling with my parents… So awkward 😫😥 I had to act like I’m chatting 😠😠 I don’t promote what Goodness did to Siyanda, but what Thabiso just did to Goodness was extremely hurtful, no one deserves to be raped

TT was eating fufu forcefully so
Geeeezzzz I left mi kids watching the queen n u telling me now!!! Rape, porn r whateva… No wonder dey were so quiet!!!


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