Raparigas sentam-se no chão e rapazes nas carteias_Magazine_ 21 April 2015

Raparigas sentam-se no chão e rapazes nas carteias_Magazine_ 21 April 2015

Date: April 21, 2015
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Name of article: Raparigas sentam-se no chão e rapazes nas carteias.

Name of Publication: Magazine

Date: 21 April 2015

Country: Mozambique

Theme: Gender Equality

Skills: language

Genre: News

GEM classification: Gender Awareness


The story highlights the following:

  • Generally, women are consider as not fit enough to lead but either to obey and are never really given a chance on decisions making when it comes to bigger matters involving men too.
  • In many countries Society has given in to the idea that women are not fit enough to lead nor making strong decisions and they grow up being taught that their duties should be obey the men.
  • This articles highlights the point of overlooking women where it states that in one of the region schools “as raparigas, regra geral, sentam-se sobre capulanas no chao enquanto os rapazes disputam as poucas carteiras existentes” stating that in certain schools around the country boys are given the privilege of siting on the school´s desks while girls are left to sit on top of their cloths.
  • The articles shows the concern of the sources on how women are being under look and the PR. Nyusi criticized the teachers of that school and left as a recommendation to students the need to respect each other , independent of its gender.
  • The article challenges miss-concepts and corrects the knowledge of the society about women and it also highlights that women should be given similar treatment as to men and educates women about their rights.
  • The article use phrases like “ women , especially the rural areas, is still struggling to impose itself as a key player in the circles of decision -making “ in ways of pointing that the practical of gender equality does not/rarely takes place in the rural areas.
  1. Headlines.  The headline is relevant to the story for there is a link between the headline and the story line. Generally, a lot of privileges are given to men either than both gender equally. women are mostly taught to obey the men`s decision either to make their own for it is believed that women are not fit enough to lead equally to men.
  2. Sources.The article consists of three sources where one is the president of the republic of Mozambique where he states his disagreement with the believes shared by society in certain areas and emphasizes the need of educating women about their rights and states that both gender. The articles also has a man source Clotide Malate who states that “in many areas of the country women are taught early that they should respect and obey the men that of which explains the practice of men in that school being given more privilege than women.
  3. Language. The article uses words like “mulher ainda tem dificuldades para se impor como uma peça chave nos curiculos de tomada de deçisao” as a way of stating the power men holds over women in certain region of the country.
  4. Visual images. The is no image in the article
  5. Story angle and perspective. The article has three sources where they mention their views and disagreements towards the beliefs that are still shared in the country about gender equality where it points to gender awareness.
  6. Placement or positioning.The way the article is positioned in the newspaper shows the importance it carries with it. The article is also placed next to other important articles in the newspaperThere are value added to the article for the article is placed on top.


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