SABC 1: Generations_The Legacy _transgender experiences

Date: November 29, 2018
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Classification: Gender aware
Story Channel Classification
Generations: The Legacy
(29 November 2018) SABC 1 Gender Aware


The story shows how a transgender woman named Wandi who desires to have children draws closer to her goal through artificial insemination. She pays a woman to be the surrogate mother and hopes that the process becomes successful. Regardless of the tension between the characters in relation to the matter, the episode does a good job in shedding light on the issues that affect transgender women such as having and raising children.

The episode helps the audience consider the various problems faced by transgender women with regards to starting a family. In relation to the same, previous episodes also showed the hardships people face in an attempt to legally adopt children. The episode allows the audience to see child bearing and raising from a new and different perspective.
Although it is an important step in the right direction to include a storyline about a trans woman, the actress playing Wandi is not trans herself. This is problematic in the sense that it is giving away roles that trans actors could easily play to a cis hetero woman. If television shows want to be gender aware it is important that they cast those they aim to represent in these ground breaking roles

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