SABC 1: Skeem saam Episode 4_10/12/2018

Date: December 10, 2018
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Name of monitor: Madikana Matjila
Name of Television station:  SABC 1
Name of programme: Skeem Saam
Date of broadcast: 10 December 2018
Time: Time of broadcast 18:30 – 19H00
Genre: Type of programme
Drama series Drama Series
Theme: Which topic category is this? List all the topics that relate to this scene GBV
GBV focus explicit or implicit? Please ensure that the examples you chose either explicitly or implicitly concern GBV
Gem Classification: Gender and Media Classification
Gender Aware
Gender Blind
Subtle stereotypes
Blatant stereotypes Gender aware

Provide a link: Link to where this scene can be accessed
13:36 – 15:39
If no link provide the artefact upload on drobox

Brief description of scene:
Marothi takes his 12 year old daughter out to the park. The Kunutu family have refused his marriage proposal to Rachel. He needs a shoulder to cry on and he confides in his own daughter.


Marothi has been dating a very young Rachel Kunutu. Rachel’s family does not approve of the relationship. Marothi wants her and sends his family representatives to ask for Rachel’s hand in marriage and negotiate Lobola. Lehasa, who holds a grudge against Marothi, stops the Lobola negotiations to get revenge on Marothi.

Why it has been given this GEM classification: Gender aware

Men don’t cry. Men are bold and strong. Men are smart and have all the solutions to known and unknown problems. These are some the phrases that young boys are fed as they grow up. They are warned not to be too soft. They are warned that showing too much emotion makes them seem feminine. Therefore men are often portrayed as emotionless in comparison to female characters, whose emotional responses are exaggerated. This scene presents a man crying and he is comforted by a 12 year old girl. It challenges the above assumptions that are based on toxic ideas of masculinity.

Men are also not often positioned as caregivers or present in the lives of their children. This common stereotype is also challenged as this scene shows Marothi in a caring, parental role.


This article highlighted the following:
● Reverses blatant stereotypes that men are not emotional
● Corrects toxic masculinities
● Repositions men as caregivers and father figures.

In this scene Marothi is seen breaking down because his marriage proposal was turned down by the Kunutu family. This is unusual in masculine characters. This representation of a man crying because he is emotionally hurt is a good example of a gender aware storyline. It shows that men are also human, they get hurt and it is okay to cry in public, to be sad and to express their feelings naturally.

Marothi also portrays a caring dad, a child minder and fills a role that would normally be seen portrayed by female characters. The scene portrays him as a single dad who is also highly involved in his daughter’s life. Male characters do not often get involved in parenting. The scene positions men as being able to equally care and love their children and cope in being single parents. Skeem Saam often portrays male characters in a variety of ways that challenge masculine stereotypes and should be commended for this.

Focus: This scene shows a man breaking down because he is emotionally hurting. This is a scene you hardly see in the media as men are portrayed to be emotionally strong and rational. The scene shows that men are also human and feel the same pain anyone can feel when they hurt. As it happens with female characters, his teary face is zoomed in and the daughter holds up a brave and courageous face. The scene shows a man being a single parent to his daughter and doing a good job, which is breaking the norm of men being absent fathers.

People in the programming. The scene is focuses on Marothi and his daughter. They are both presented with a fair chance of a conversation and there is no use of sexist or gender biased language.

Visuals. The visual sensitively shows a man crying in the presence of his teenage daughter and he makes no attempt to hide his emotions from her.

Conclusion: This is courageous storyline that the series put forward. The most interesting thing is that the story does not feature any elements of backlash from other men against Marothi. It is commendable and has presented men with true representation of what men should do when they are emotionally hurt. It is okay for men to show emotion and cry in public.


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