SABC 2 7de LAAN 18/01/2019

Date: January 18, 2019
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Name of monitor: Your name Mpho Pitsi
Name of Television station: Channel where you are getting the scene SABC 2
Name of programme: Name of News programme 7de Laan
Date of broadcast: Date when the news item was broadcast 18 January 2019
Time: Time of broadcast 18h00 – 18h30
Genre: Type of programme
Drama series Drama Series
Theme: Which topic category is this? List all the topics that relate to this scene Victim blaming
GBV focus explicit or implicit? Please ensure that the examples you chose either explicitly or implicitly concern GBV Implicitly

Gem Classification: Gender and Media Classification
Gender Aware
Gender Blind
Subtle stereotypes
Blatant stereotypes Blatant Stereotype
Provide a link: Link to where this scene can be accessed
15:22 – 16:52
If no link provide the artefact upload on drobox

Brief description of scene:
Olivia confronts Diederick about his behaviour. They are newlyweds he has been out every night, switching his phone off, and not communicating effectively with her.

Diederick, Olivia’s husband is hardly at home and has a questionable relationship with Alexa. Everyone, including Esthi and Marco are worried about him, but he doesn’t care. It’s a chain of events that lead to this scene.

Why it has been given this GEM classification: Diederick has openly used stereotypes associated with married women especially when they are worried about the whereabouts of their husbands. He also slut shames Olivia by bringing up her past relationships unnecessarily.

Title: The topic is introduced when Diederick came home after being missing for a couple of hours. He accused Olivia of nagging because she wanted to know where he had been. This conveys a harmful stereotype of a nagging wife.

Focus: GBV is not the main focus of the scene.

People in the programming. Both women and men speak in the scene. There is a reasonable balance between males and females. Olivia is portrayed as a paranoid woman while Diederick is portrayed as a calm man. Diederick’s behavior is questionable and Olivia is justified in her response. He doesn’t want to explain to Olivia what’s happening to him but blames her for packing his bags and thinking about calling it quits.

Language. There is overtly sexist language used. They convey biases and stereotypes. There is a difference between the language used between Olivia and Diederick While she maintains respect for him even though she is accusing him of cheating, he slut shames her, gaslights her and blames her for being a victim of GBV and Human Trafficking

Visuals. The men and women are portrayed with dignity. The images and video footage on television, illustrate the content of the storyline fairly. The image does emphasize or exaggerate physical aspects especially related to the person’s sexuality. The image does not degrade the dignity of women or men and the visuals are relevant to the storyline. The visuals used are appropriate for this storyline. The overall view in this scene between men and women is that communication is vital in any relationship especially in a marriage.

Angles and perspective: Both voices and viewpoints are heard in the scene. Diederik’s viewpoint predominates. There is not a reasonable balance of viewpoints presented by women and by men. Alexa’s voice might put Olivia’s suspicions about Deidrick having an affair with her. The scene explicitly reinforces stereotypes: the stereotype that a married man does not have to explain his whereabouts to his wife.

Intersectionality: The pattern of oppression is reinforced. Instead of explaining himself to Olivia, Diederick victim blames and gaslights her before leaving her all alone in the house again. Both characters are white, so they share the same cultural ideals. Olivia appeared to be younger than Deidrick which is why he called her immature.

Conclusion: This scene might have been Gender Aware if Diederick listened to Olivia and acknowledged that his actions made her question their own marriage. Diederick’s language was emotionally abusive and manipulative and this should have been addressed in the show.

Dalk gebruik hy weer relaps dalk
Love Olivia and Diedriks together and of course he is not having an affair with Alexa… something more sinister is happening….


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