SABC 2- MUVHANGO 22/01/2019

Date: January 22, 2019
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Name of monitor: Your name FAITH ZABA
Name of Television station: Channel where you are getting the scene SABC 2
Name of programme: Name of News programme MUVHANGO
Date of broadcast: Date when the news item was broadcast 22/01/2019
Time: Time of broadcast 21:00
Genre: Type of programme
Drama series DRAMA SERIES
Theme: Which topic category is this? List all the topics that relate to this scene LEGAL, CRIME AND VIOLENCE: VIOLENT, MURDER, ABDUCTION AND ASSAULT.
GBV focus explicit or implicit? Please ensure that the examples you chose either explicitly or implicitly concern GBV IMPLICITLY
Gem Classification: Gender and Media Classification
Gender Aware
Gender Blind
Subtle stereotypes
Blatant stereotypes SUBTLE STEREOTYPES
Provide a link: Link to where this scene can be accessed
If no link provide the artefact upload on drobox

Brief description of scene:

The scene is about the continuation of a confrontation after Mpho, the chief’s youngest wife, had a vision about who shot Mulondo, one of the chief’s sons. The scene involves Susan, Azwinndini, Mpho, Tshamano, Mulalo, Tendamudzimu and 2 bodyguards of the royal family.


The scene is one in a chain. Its occurrence started when Mulondo was shot and then passed away.

Why it has been given this GEM classification:

Subtle stereotypes are ones that involve how women use their emotions, and in this case, Mpho decided to go and confront the suspected murderer without thinking about what could possibly go wrong. Mpho acted on her feelings and emotions instead of informing others first. Susan also acted on her emotions of anger towards the suspected murderer when she found out who he was.

The topic is introduced with the portrayal of action, people rushing to check if there is anyone who might have died after the gun was shot. Yes it reflects the storyline. It does convey a stereotype of how women mostly use emotions to fight their wars instead of being patient like men are at their planning.


There is violence, but not entirely GBV. It is not talked about and it is not mentioned.

People in the programming.

The males do most of the talking while the women and showing actions through emotions, and then saying a few words in between. The topic is mostly about the murder that was committed and the pointing out of the murderer.


Nothing regarding GBV is discussed in the scenes.


Both the male and female are portrayed as active as they respond to the action that is taking place. There are no images that degrade any character.

Angles and perspective:

The voices that mostly speak out are those from the royal family. Susan does most of the talking in some of the scenes as the episode continues.


There are no issues of intersectionality that are being addressed. One other factor that is, however, raised is that of Azwinndini taking other people’s women, which brings us back to the issue of a polygamous marriage.

Women are often portrayed as overly emotional in comparison to men who are logical and not driven by emotional thinking. Women should be able to be both logical and emotional as the two are not mutually exclusive.

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