SABC 3: Three accused of raping a 12 year old girl- 27/11/2018

Date: November 27, 2018
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Name of monitor: Patricia Mahachi
Name of Television station: SABC 3
Name of programme: News @ 9
Date of broadcast: 27/11/2018
Genre: News
Time: Time of broadcast: 21:00:21:30
GBV focus: Explicit
Gem Classification: Gender Aware
Story number: 4
Theme: GBV, Rape

Three accused of raping a 12 year old girl.

Three men appeared in the Taung Magistrate’s court in North West accused of rape of a 12 year old girl. 61 year old Gaolatlwe Tsienyane, 56 year old Ruele Matlhola and 20 year old Tshiamo Motsage were arrested on allegations of stalking, sexually grooming and eventually raping a child.
The family of the girl discovered this after she was found to have fallen pregnant. The girl had just turned 13. The trio was remanded in custody and were due to appear in court the following week. The mother of the child was calling for the court to deny the perpetrators bail. She said, “l don’t want them to get bail, these people have ruined my child’s future.” The community leader Thapelo Matshwe encouraged other man to stand up against abuse of women and children. He said, “Our children must be protected by us, it’s high time that men take a stand and fight these kind of things.”

This is another case that reinforces the idea that women are always victims of GBV while men remain perpetrators. The news should cover a more diverse range of stories to do with GBV. Victims of GBV also include men and members of the LGBTQ community. However, this does not negate the fact that Gender based violence against women remains widespread and under reported.
Victims of GBV are afraid to report these crimes to the police in case the perpetrators are not prosecuted. In this story the rape victim is a minor and has been continuously raped by the three perpetrators. This violation of her rights will most likely have lasting consequences on the survivor. The mother of the raped minor have the responsibility to nurse a 13 year old girl and the unborn child whose future have been destroyed.
The clip does, however show that men can stand against GBV. A male community leader was advocating for men to take a step in ending GBV and protecting women and children who are always vulnerable. The language used by the community leader in reference to the rape puts the onus on men to step forward and be better in their communities. However, although he condemns the actions of men, he does not offer any concrete or substantial plan of action to tackle GBV in the community and the reporter should have pressed him for more details. The story gathered balanced perspectives from sources across the sex divide since the mother of the victim was interviewed as well as the community leader. The visuals use are relevant to the story.
Additionally, in cases like this, the media should include resources for survivors of rape in their reporting, such as helplines, emergency contacts and associated organisations that deal with rape and the process of laying charges. The inclusion of these resources promotes awareness and general knowledge of what steps to take if you are raped. The inclusion of these resources also helps to reinforce the severity of the issue of GBV in South Africa as it recognises that GBV can happen to anyone and not just those in stories on the news and helps to prepare women for this.
Resources, such as counselling centres and hotlines, should also be provided for men to show that the onus does not fall on women to deal with the consequences of men’s actions and they should take responsibility for their mental health before they turn to violence.

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Male Perspective:
“Must be in jail those who still dowing this rape #stop abusing our family”
“25/25/25 we can’t have man who still #RAPE in this century….while some women are just giving away just for six beers on weekend”

Female Perspective:
“a sentence no longer work for them, I think S.A. government should Inject all the Men of SA so that they can never do that again”
“The rape of woman and children’s will never end. Criminals. Rapist live nice life in jail, they have rights they even get bail to rape again and they get parole 🙄🙄 so life sentence is nothing in this country it like giving criminal a vacation”



4 thoughts on “SABC 3: Three accused of raping a 12 year old girl- 27/11/2018”

Kelly says:

The way those men appeared in court… fine it says that your innocent until proven guilty, but even the way they appeared in court it shows that even justice is still on their side and yet we know what they are being trialed for it’s a very bad case, I think they could’ve been more intense, they could’ve went more deeper into the story”

Rose says:

when they report such cases it’s just blah blah blah no follow up, no nothing, you look at them at the parliament they will sit for the whole day and after this case, you will hear about this case maybe after 2 years again, and sometimes even the person who opened the case has already forgotten the statement, their delays they delay so even the witnesses sometimes they don’t remember, and then they will say no full evidence in those cases, I don’t know what kind of full evidence that they want and also I right here that reported cases, the people who they arrested are wrong doers or perpetrators they must stay in jail until their case is solved even whether their free to go or maybe get sentenced, because their really disturbing as their roaming around here, avoiding the bribe also of the police and the end of the day you will hear that they don’t see the docket, but the person they see why can’t they take the person and put the person in jail.

Kelly says:

Over the news we see just one story and then it’s left behind and then we see another one later but they do not follow up on the cases, so now this 12 year old female is going to give birth as the youngest teenager at her age, like for me I would say because I am a mother but by the time your still young and you’re in grade 6 by the time you get to grade 12 what will you teach that innocent child, that person that’s in her is a blessing I do understand from God of course but how would you look at the child, because you were raped by those 3 men. For me I would say the government needs to stand up”

Kelly says:

Honestly it’s sad it’s hurtful, for me I would say it’s hurtful but for that innocent 12 year old youth, she would have committed suicide but she saw that family was standing beside her”

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