Women form an important society: Queen_Informative_12- 18 May 2015

Date: May 12, 2015
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Name of article: Women form an important society: Queen

Name of publication: Informative

Date: 12- 18 May 2015

Country: Lesotho

Theme: Gender Equality

GEM Classification: Gender Awareness

Genre: News

Skill: Portrayal


Description: The article women form an important society: Queen written by Mantsali Phokoena recognizes the impact, which Lesotho women play in society daily especially. The article looks at the initiative, which took place at the Alliance Francaise de Maseru launch, for ‘women of resistance’

  • The article highlights that Basotho women should be free from any discrimination as well as violence
  • the article says that as gender inequality is rooted in different spheres, and mostly affecting the Basotho women it should then be a priority.
  • It also looks at the legal protection which women should be aware of and exercise them.

The article perceives women as being more equally important and valuable as men do in society. It empowers women in terms of exercising their rights both at works and at home. The portrayal of the women is good in that they have a sense of worthiness in all that they do in society.

With the campaign ‘women of Resistance’ this gives them a voice in their respective communities in that there are legal protections, and can gain and workout their courage.

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