Mozambique: Luisa Diogo launches the 5050 campaign

Mozambique: Luisa Diogo launches the 5050 campaign

Date: August 27, 2014
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Maputo, 29 April: Former Mozambican Prime Minister, Luisa Diogo, has called on all participants of the second SADC Gender Protocol@Work Summit which started yesterday, to constantly remind politicians about their commitment to ensure gender equality in all spheres of Mozambique’s economic, social and political life. Diogo was speaking in Maputo today at the launch of the “50/50 campaign by 2015, demanding a stronger post 2015 agenda”. She said each time the participant meets a politician, he or she must ask “How about that issue?” – gender parity between men and women. Diogo said 2014 is a special year because countries of the region, including Mozambique are holding general elections. She said it was in these elections that the gap between men and women in leadership posts should be lessened.

In an interview with Gender Links reporter Jose Tembe in Maputo, Diogo explained the main message of the 5050 campaign. Click here

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