Swaziland:Summit not just about awards!

Swaziland:Summit not just about awards!

Date: August 27, 2014
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Matsapha, 16 April: The SADC Protocol@Work Summit is not just about awards! It is about providing a platform to women and men to learn from each other. It is about networking. Swazi’s just learnt that it is also about affirming each others’ work, not in the form of an award, but the resources needed to expand a project.

The second day of the summit saw the youngest contestant, Shirley Terblanche presenting a case study on gender, climate change and sustainable development.

Terblanche, a Form IV student from St Theresa’s High school surprised participants when she walked to the front of the room to present her case study. She competed with seasoned activists who have learnt the ropes over the years, some with financial resources from the donors that ease their work.

The climate change case study she presented on is housed at her school. The project is about empowering the youth to take care of the environment through planting trees.

“Help save our universe; plant trees in your communities and participate in good things so you can benefit in the future and refrain from bad behavior,” said Terblanche.

Terblanche’s presentation moved many participants in the room. Indeed, dynamite comes in small packages.

Dr. Joseph Mutangira who was one of the judges in the media content/Centres of Excellence (COE) and climate change category donated over 30 trees to Terblanche’s club.

“As a token of appreciation, I am donating, ten coffee trees, ten banana seedlings and ten granadilla seedlings for your club to plant,” Mutangira said.

Another participant from the Climate Smart Agriculture and Climate added a packet of Moringa seeds in the list of Terblanche’s gifts.

Ray Magagula of Digital Cue Productions offered to document the project. Magagula was also a participant in the same category as Terblanche’s, presenting on his Video Journalism and Photo Journalism projects.

Terblanche expressed her jubilation and gratitude on the experience brought by the summit.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity offered by Gender Links Swaziland. Young people have a platform to share their experiences and tell the country about some of the initiatives they are leading to save the universe,” Terblanche said with a smile.

Terblanche attended the SADC Protocol@Work Summit for the first. “At first I was so nervous being the youngest in a house full of people older than I am, but as I went on, I gained confidence,” Terblanche elaborated.

She acknowledged the fact that her school club did not have a glorious start off, as her colleagues were reluctant at first. However, she disclosed that they eventually got the flow and the project is now running smoothly.
One of the outcomes of the project is that they have extended it beyond St Theresa’s High School to the community.

“Our project has a membership of both young women and men and we are now planting trees in our townships; our dream is to take the project to district and national level in the future,” she concluded.

This article is part of the GL News Service special coverage of the SADC Gender Protocol Summits underway across the region, offering fresh views on everyday news.


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