Zambia: Summit vox pops

Zambia: Summit vox pops

Date: June 4, 2015
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Lusaka, 4 June: The Cresta Golf View hotel was abuzz on 28 and 29 May as Zambia joined other countries in the region to host the fourth-annual SADC Protocol@Work Summit under the theme Now and Post 2015, Yes We Must! Gender activists, media practitioners and faith based organisations were among those showcasing their work in the promotion of gender equality.

There were more than 70 applications received by Gender Links- Zambia, with 15 individuals and institutions emerging as winners in various categories. The awards recognised their contribution towards the advancement of gender equality as contained in the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development.

Participants had the following to say about the summit:

“We have been doing a lot of advocacy for gender equality and so my coming to the summit was to help me share the message to the people. The summit has been a good learning experience. The judges gave us very helpful comments and I am sure the organisation will grow from that.”- Susan Chilala, executive secretary for Rural Women Assembly Zambia (RWAZ).

“I have received the runner up for the overall Government COE category; this is an encouragement for us to even work harder. I came here expecting people to learn what we have been doing and I hope I have delivered enough. We have been given a lot of advice and encouragements that will help us get even better direction in our work.” – Nanda Sekeleti, Planner from Livingstone City Council Zambia.

“I am really excited to have won an award, I came here not knowing what to expect. The fact that my work has been awarded has been great encouragement to me. The summit has grown my self esteem and I am confident that even as a woman I will be able to achieve a lot without feeling intimidated.”- Clara Muleya, entrepreneur.

“We came here to highlight the activities of the organisation, and we have been able to go back with more than that. The judges have helped us to realise the importance of self sustainability. We all came here asking for financial support, but we have been advised on ways of raising income and sustaining our existence.”- David C Siwale, accountant for the Catholic Youth Association Zambia.

“The summit has been an eye opener; it is only now that I realise that there is a lot of work to be done. In terms of domesticating the protocol to make sure we attain the targets that we have set despite the fact that many people are working as individuals, I believe we will make it.”- Mika Mvula, Research officer at the Institute of Organizational Development Facilitators (IDOF).

“With our organisation being the only newspaper with a gender desk, it is an indicator that we have had the issue at heart and being a public media institution, we feel that we have a responsibility to educate the masses on the importance of gender equality.” – Panic Chilufya, Gender Editor for the Zambia Daily Mail.

“I have been involved with Gender Links work since 2009, from the time the national summits were introduced. I have seen this year that presentations have improved. People are even more confident during presentations unlike when we first begun.”- Catherine Chapeshmano, Councilor for Matanda Ward in Kafue.

“The summit has been very insightful, it has given me personally to learn what other organisations are doing in terms of promoting gender and also enhancing women’s rights. The summit has given us an opportunity to share what we are doing and also learn from the work that others are doing.” – Evans Kunda, Capacity Building and Leadership Development Officer for Zambia National Women’s Lobby.

This article is part of the Gender Links News Service’ coverage of the SADC Gender Protocol@Work Summits currently taking place across the region, bringing you fresh views on everyday news.



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