English: Cyber dialogue summary for 1 December 2011, Gender and climate change

Date: December 2, 2011
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Date: 1 December 2011

Theme: World Aids Day À“ Use of indigenous plants in HIV and AIDS

Facilitator: Saeanna Chingamuka (GL GMDC Manager)











“Women are saying that climate justice can be realised if gender is included in all strategies to mitigate climate change.” South Africa

Update from COP 17 Conference

  • An interesting event on World AIDS Day focused on provision of water within communities.
  • Waste pickers talked about their contributions to keeping the environment clean and the challenges they face in their work.
  • Day four of the COP 17 Conference and climate change was still being referred to in gender neutral terms.
  • There was one session on World AIDS Day that made use of HIV and AIDS terminology À“ Climate Change must go to Zero; there was no link to HIV and AIDS though.
  • Gender CC had put up banners and have other messaging that says there can be no climate justice without gender justice.

Question 1: In line with world Aids day, are there any plants in your locality that are useful in boosting the immune system?

  • In Namibia there are few plants that are useful in cleansing the blood system such as: Devils claws. There is also Gamagu which drains toxic substances from blood.
  • The aloe vera plant is known for cleansing the skin À“ it works through the blood stream.
  • Aloe vera is also believed to boost the appetite. This is good for people affected by HIV and AIDS when they are taking their medication.
  • There questions about the use of marijuana for people living with HIV and AIDS, whether it is effective and if it is legal to use it for treating HIV and AIDS.
  • In other parts of the region there is also a form of mint tea or herb called zumbane or ndolwane, highly recommend. It is highly recommended and makes good tea.

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